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Monday, May 31, 2004

A Thought for the month end.

Peace, love, happiness and, By the Grace of God, a 'Decent' paycheck at the end of the month! :-)

Removed Worm_Agobot.SR from the system.

Check Chango's (Chandrashekhar Gokhale's) Meemaza.com for Marathi Poetry.
Marathi Charoli(Four-Liners).

I liked these four-liners.

I'm giving the original one in Marathi and then the English, Hindi and Gujarati translations!

Devlaat jaaun mans
dukanaat gelyasarkhi vaagtaat
chaar-aath aane taakun
kahi na kahi maagtaat

Going to the temple
People act as if in a shop
Throw twentyfive-fifty paise
And ask for something!

Mandir mai jaa kar bhi
Insaan dukaan jaisa bartaav karte hai
Chaar-aath aane daal kar
Eeshwar se kuch na kuch maangte hai

Mandir ma jai ne pan
Loko dukaan jevu varte chhe
Chaar-aath aana naakhine
Kai ne kai maange chhe!

These are lovely lines.

Why should we ask something from God!

India is a nation of a billion plus people, a nation of 33 Crore (330 million) Gods and Goddesses. Why should we ask something from God. God is busy with the requests of a billion plus people.Let God fulfil the wishes of everyone, I don't want to ask anything from God. Why to trouble God?
I believe in God, in my own way.

Another one...

Chadha-odh ya shabdacha arth
aapan kiti ulta lavto
koni var chadtana disla
ki lagech khali odhayala dhavto

We have such a wrong concept
of the meaning of climbing up
The moment someone tries to climb up (as in Progress)
We run to pull that person down

Chad aur utar en shabdo ka arth
Hum kitna galat nikalte hai
Koi Upar chadte dikhta hai
To Hum use neeche kheechne daudte hai

Chad-utar aa shabd no arth
Aapde ketlo khotto lagaviye chhe
Koi upar chadva jae to
Ane neeche padva daudiye chhe

A nice one...

Aata me hi tharavlay
Agdi shahanyasarkh vaagayach
Kunaala kahi dile tar
Tyachya badlyaat kahi maagayach

Now I've also decided
To act like a clever person
If I've given something to someone
Then better ask for something in return!

Ab maine bhi soch liya hai
Ekdum hoshiyaari se bartaav karna
Kisi ko kuch diya hai to
Uske badle mai kuch zaroor maangna!

Have mai pan vichaari lidhu chhe
Ekdum hoshiyaar jevo vartaav karvo
Koi ne kai aapyu hoy to
Aena badle jaroor kai ne kai maangvu!

This is one of my favourites from Meemaza.com

Gacch lavoon ghetlele daar
Baher lavlel 'Welcome' ch toran
He kasl daar bandh thevun
Swagat karnyach dhoran

The door is firmly locked
A 'Welcome' garland is put outside
What is this, keeping the door closed
And 'Welcoming' custom?

Darwaaza kas kar band kiya hua
Bahar laga hua 'Welcome' ka Guldasta
Yeh kaisa darwaza bandh karke
Swagat karne ka tarika?

Barnu jor thi vasi didhu chhe
Bahar latke chhe 'Welcome' nu toran
Aa kevu 'Barnu' bandh karine
Swagat karvanu dhoran?

Very thought-provoking four-liners.

I like to read four-liners and write four-liners in English.

I know English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.
I can understand Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali.
I read Urdu poetry.
I want to learn Bengali, Telugu and Punjabi.

You have any favourite four-liners to share? Let me know.

The best way to learn a language is to read the newspapers and then write a page or two daily from the newspapers. That's how I learnt Gujarati on my own. It did help that Gujarati is very similar to Marathi and Hindi, besides being my mother-tongue, although I didn't study Gujarati in school. I studied English, Hindi and Marathi at school-level.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

A lovely quote on Humour.
"My kind of humour is that which makes me laugh for two minutes and think for ten!"
Like for example, take this one.
"If you don't know where you're going in life, any road will take you there!"
Another one, on similar lines...
"If you don't know where to go, any bus will take you there!"
An analogy, "If you're going nowhere, all roads lead there!"

A nice one.
Just because someone is not living the way you want them to be, doesn't mean they're not living! Just because you feel a thing is wrong, it doesn't always have to be!

The gist of this, "It's a big world out there, Brother! Let people live their life their own way! The best way to change something is to change yourself! Let the world take care of itself!"
Because someone says it's wrong, doesn't always have to be, because someone says you cannot do this, it doesn't have to be!

I live by this quote, "People are entitled to their opinions! Let them be!"

This is strange, I don't care for money, still I've set a certain monetary target for myself, that by the end of this month I want to earn this much!
I'm being too conservative here, why to hide! I've set a target of earning Rs. 50,000/- per month by Jan. 2005. Don't know whether it's realistic or not! I feel it is achievable. :-)

Although, my philosophy is
"Jab paisa hai to Dal-Roti Ice-cream khayenge, jab thode paise hai to dal-roti khayenge, aur jab bahut kam hai to ek chai do vada-pav pe zindagi chalta hai".

Btw, for those of you uninitiated to the joy of eating a Vada-Pav, must say it is heaven! Come to Pune, Mumbai, anywhere in Maharashtra for a 'Vada-Pav'.

Have Ek Chai, do vada-pav, teen-char mirchi, aur ek glass paani for breakfast and you won't feel the need for lunch. I miss Vada-Pav! Anyone to give me company for a Garma-garam Chai and Vada-Pav on a rainy evening in Pune?

Saturday morning went to Ameerpet to drop Arpee to her class. Went with Achal to pay the electricity bill and then to the TVS Sales and Service Office at Somajiguda. On the way back, had Nariyal Paani and after a long, long time ate Jackfruit (Phanas).

Sunday: Took Dadi to Apollo Hospital alongwith Achal and Arpee for a routine check-up.

Everything is normal, almost. Her Cholesterol level has increased. That is because of eating outside a lot of times, plus having sweets, ice-cream and colddrinks. Not her fault! It's up to us to take care!

A suggestion to the people who give the reports. Please mention the full-forms of the abbreviations mentioned in the reports and there are a lot of them. How do you expect people to understand the meaning of the report unless you give easy to understand guidelines.
Like for example, they've given LDL is some 'x' and the range is this.
So you check it out and find whether LDL is above, below or at the required level. That is fine.
Lekin, Mamu yeh LDL kya hai?
So it was time for my 'Friendly-Global Search Engine, Google' to make an appearance.

As usual, Google didn't disappoint me, it never does! :-)
LDL is Low Density LipoProtein Cholesterol.

So my suggestion to the Hospital authorities is, please mention the full-forms of all the abbreviations mentioned in your reports, and you'd require a separate page for that. Doctors aren't the only ones who read the reports. Okay, Doctors read, understand and analyze the reports, however others too are interested in reading the reports.

So, I suggest a course in Usability Guidelines for these people.

Also, some colour formatting would be helpful, like we do in our excel sheets.
Red is very high, Maroon is above average, blue is normal, yellow or green (for better visbility) is below average. So that makes its easy to read and understand! Yes, they'd have to spend on the color-ink cartridge and also train the data-entry operators in 'Color-Formatting!' :-)

Friday, May 28, 2004

I want an Orkut Invitation. Yes, an Orkut Invitation.
Orkut is a social networking site from Google.
Anyone who'd like to invite me?

I don't have a Gmail Invite to swap.
I had two invites. That was in the first week of May and out of those two, one has been utilized the other hasn't! (What a waste of precious resource!) I should have sent it to someone else!

Are there only two Gmail invites? Not more? Or are the invites available on a monthly basis? I'd received two Gmail Invites to send to my friends. That was in the first week of May. Hope I get two more in the first week of June.

The craze for Gmail is picking up like anything.
People are advertising on eBay, there's a separate Gmail Swap web site. This is amazing!

Read this article, an old one, 29 June 2003. Is Google God?

I want to work with Google! I really want to! It is one of my dreams!
They're starting a Customer Support and Marketing Center in Hyderabad. I'll explore some opportunities there. There would be, definitely, if there is Online Marketing related work.

Where is Google's Hyderabad office?
Have they commenced operations?
It is going to be an Advertising/Marketing related back-office operation. Is it? Anyone can update me on that? I want to join Google!

I have to read this: Address by Yusuf Mehdi. Microsoft's Online Search Strategies.

Lyrics of Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

Film: Blackmail. Year: 1973
Lyrics by: Rajendra Krishna
Playback: Kishore Kumar
Music: Kalyanji Anandji

Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
Jeevan meethi pyaas ye kehti ho

Har shaam aankhon par tera aanchal lehraaye
Har raat yaadon ki, baaraat le aaye
Mai saans letaa hu, teri khushbu aati hai
(Fantastic line! Your fragrance is in my breath!)
Ek mehka mehka saa, paigaam laati hai
Mere dil ki dhadkan bhi, tere geet gaati hai

Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
Jeevan meethi pyaas ye kehti ho

Kal tujh ko dekha tha, maine apne aangan mai
Jaise keh rahi thi tum mujhe baandh lo bandhan mai
Yeh kaisa rishta hai, ye kaise sapne hai
Begaane ho kar bhi, kyo lagte apne hai
Mai soch mai rehta hu, dar dar ke kehta hu

Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
Jeevan meethi pyaas ye kehti ho

Tum sochogi kyu itna, mai tum se pyaar karu
Tum samjhogi deewana, mai bhee ikraar karu
Deewanon ki ye baate, deewaane jaante hai
Jalne main kya mazaa hai, parwaane jaante hai
Tum yu hi jalaate rehnaa, aa aa kar khwaabon mai

Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
Jeevan meethi pyaas ye kehti ho

Thirty-one years later, this song is fresh! Isn't it!
If you haven't heard this song, you should. Here is the link.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I like this quote.

You don't lead by pointing and telling people some place to go.
You lead by going to that place and making a case.
~ Ken Kesey

Nidhi would have left for Ahmedabad this evening.
She's a sweet, intelligent and very God-fearing girl.
She impressed me with her simple nature.
She looked very cute, like a doll, in the orange top and white skirt she wore last evening.
Hope she starts eating onions and garlic and keeps less fasts!
I wish her All the Best for her new job in Bombay!

An 'Urban' thought for today.

However crowded a bus or train may be, there's always space for one more person!
(This is an original one!)

Blue Red Yellow Blue Green Red

What do these words and colours signify?
Not much, think again!

Now juxtapose these with GOOGLE

Do these words ring a bell?

Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red are the colours of the Google Logo. The world's most famous logo, atleast for me.

How to remember it.

Simple, I remember it as Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red.
Another way is to remember it as 'brybgr'
Bill Recommends You Bother Google Regularly'

Cool, isn't it! :-)

For Gmail the colours are in the same format.

Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green


Interesting, isn't it!

This will make a very good quiz question.

With which company would you associate these colours?
Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red

I read this lovely poem on Sandip's http://forwardslashss.blogspot.com/ blog.

This is for all my online friends!

Online Friend!

I had some free time, so what did I do?
I checked the computer to see if I'd heard from you!

I used to walk out to a box to retrieve mail.
But I'd rather get it instantly, than wait on the snail!

Chatting is always fun!
I usually get a greeting or a kind word from someone.

I feel so blessed because on the other end,
I know I've connected with a friend!

When I've had a hard day and need to share,
Here I can find a friend who will listen and care.

Chatting online is my food!
When I want someone to cheer my mood!

And to these friends I hope I've let them know
That I am always there for them also!

Isn't it a strange kind of bond we form?
It isn't exactly like the 'norm'!

But, where is it written, face to face we must be,
For you to be a very good friend to me?

That little joke or note, or just a simple "Hi",
Could be like a ray of sunshine from the sky!

So my online pals, this is dedicated to you,
For all the smiles you've brought on my face!

May our friendship continue to grow,
And the warmth we feel continue to flow!

Always remember this...
A smile is such an easy thing to pass along the way,
Like a walk in the rains
On a grey, overcast, rainy afternoon day!

So, no matter where you go,
Always be online!
And carry your own Sunshine Smile! :-)

Thank you for being my Online Friend!!

Did you like the poem? I liked it a lot!

Forward Garden has an extensive collection of Forwards.

Songs that I hum on my way to office.

Bekaraar karke hame yu na jaaeye
Aapko hamaari kasam laut aaiye

Jaane kahan mera jigar gayaji
Abhi abhi yahi tha kidhar gayaji
Kisi ki aadaaon pe mar gayaji
Jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji

Shaam dhale khidki tale
tum seeti bajaana chhood do

Kal subah dekha tha
Tumhe apne aangan mai
Jaise keh rahi thi tum
Mujhe baandh lo bandhan mai

Jeevan ke safar mai rahi
Milte hai bichad jaane ko
Aur de jaati hi yaadein
Tanhai mai tadpaane ko

Yu to akela manzil tak
Phir bhi pahuch sakta hu mai
Tum jo pakad ho haath mera
To Duniya Badal sakta hu mai
Maanga hai tumhe
Duniya Ke liye
(I really need some one like that!)

If you wanna love me
Darling don't refrain
Or I'll keep on walking
In the Cold November Rain

Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door!
(When I'm going fast, especially early mornings, when the roads are empty)

I'd taken one of my collegues for a ride on LV Prasad road. The KBR Park road. I like that road. That road doesn't look like India! Well-maintained, empty, street-lights workings, huge hoardings, greenery at the dividers.

I regularly touch 80 plus on that road. Sometimes I've touched 90.
That road is fantastic. In the mornings while going from the Jubilee Check Post Signal to the TDP office, I always touch 80 plus.

So, I'd taken him on this road at a speed of 80+ and he said, "Tum to gaadi udaate ho!" and then I took him from Office Sikh Village Road to Paradise, the approach road is very narrow, especially the road from Diamond Point cafe to Imperial Gardens and he told me, "Aaj badi slow chala rahe ho!" I replied, "Har koi road, LV Prasad thodi naa hota hai!"

My Best Road in Hyderabad is the LV Prasad road.
Must say, the infrastructure of Hyderabad, atleast the major roads, street-lights is very good. It does impress the first time visitor. Friends and relatives who've come down to Hyderabad have been impressed with Hyderabad roads.

Why doesn't Pune have these kind of roads. The stretch from Nagar Road to Gunjan theatre has been concretized. Pune needs more flyovers, widers roads and more greenery!

Pune definitely needs more flyovers and wider roads. Pune's infrastructure is not good. Pot-holed roads, street-lights not working, narrow roads, dividers not present, no greenery, traffic lights not working.

Now the new MP (Suresh Kalmadi of Congress) should allocate a lot of funds for urban infrastructure development, especially roads.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow
Has now become today
So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance the tide...

~ Garth Brooks, The River

Taken from the web site Inspiration Peak

I'm waiting for a call. I feel liking giving myself a kick on my backside. Why do I need to complicate matters. Saala Aaram ka job hai, paisa hai, bike hai sab kuch hai... why am I after another job. Why am I not doing any constructive work here. Last evening we had a conference call. I came to know about it when I was going to leave for the day. I should have stayed as an accountable team member, however I was ready to leave when I came to know about this, so I didn't wait and left for the day.
Now this is going to create complications. I am on very good terms with people in office, why do I want to create issues out of nowhere. Yaar, this is a cool job, although it's boring, nothing to do, still it's 'aaram' so why do I want to take 'Panga'? I need to take a call. Do this or do something else or else go home take rest for a week and then do something.

Now, what do I want to do? I want to leave a good job to be a schoolteacher earning Rs. 4000/- Am I mad? How can I even think about this? What about my marriage? Who will marry me? I really get crazy stuff in my mind.

My Dadi told me, only a fool would leave a job with a higher payscale and move to a job with a lower payscale. I asked her, is money the only thing in life.

In a way, yes it is, if I wouldn't have been earning what I do now, would I have ever gone to Melting Moments, Pizza Hut etc. No, I wouldn't. Money is not everything, but, money is a lot!! I have to understand this. I don't think from a social point-of-view. I am not alone, Mom, Dad, Bhai, relatives so many people are linked.

What do I want to do with my life? What should I do with my life? I like teaching, Ok, Good! I like technology. That's great.
So the best option for me would be to be an Online teacher and that field is e-learning. I'm in the field, working as a Content Developer and now I'm trying to go into the field of e-learning. I've taken a test at a company for that. They'd told me they'd be giving me a call this evening. I haven't yet received the call. I'm waiting and in the meantime, writing this.

Colleagues in office are surfing some Telugu site with pics. A Telugu song is playing in the background. Krishna, near my desk is at work. I'm at work. I was chattng online with Aparna half an hour ago. We haven't met face to face and still we can discuss so many things. Online friendship is really good friendship.

I want to write something, however, I don't want to write pessimistic things.

I need a challenge. I need to do something with my life. Should I try for the IIM's once again? Everytime I go to the IIIT Campus at Gachibowli I feel like studying. I really want to study in a top class institute. Is it too late? No, it is never late to learn.

I want to take a vacation. I need a break.
I'm thinking on two lines. Complete a month's work in a week and then leave the job. Now, if I want to leave the job then why to do the work. Stay till the 31st, take the sal. and join somewhere else. Is it wrong. It is. So what!

Yeh mai kya kar raha hu.

I'm bored in this office. We are a small group. Bahut bore kaam hai and its the same routine daily. I want to go to Bombay! I want to go to Bangalore! I don't want to work! I can think rationally and I do. Still, I don't want to implement my rational decisions. I want to go with my gut feeling!

The core of everything is I should get married. Life mai stability aa jaayega. Another thought, I haven't yet seen so many things. Let me enjoy life, then think about marriage.

I have the ability to take different alternatives to a problem and in a way that is good, however, that makes me vulnerable. I know what is good and I know what is wrong, still I don't do the thing that is good!

Do I feel that I haven't utilized my potential.
I want to be my own boss.
Will I ever be comfortable working under someone. I will be. I have to be. That is the way millions work, that is the way I should work. I'm not special! I should understand that!

Mereko teaching mai jaana hai.
The best way for me is to find another job in the field of e-learning, take that, leave this, take a break for a week, meet family and friends, get fresh and start again!

It is so simple! Yes, it is!
So who's stopping me?

No one.

Do I need to post this?? I may, as it is, I've written it!

A Thought for Today

Never deprive someone of hope - it may be all they have!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Some of my favourite Hindi film songs.
I like the songs for the lovely lyrics.

My all-time favourite Hindi film song Album is 'Aashiqui'.
Lovely, poetic lyrics by Sameer.

Remembered this when we were coming back in an auto from Pizza Hut, last evening. The autowallah for a change was playing Hindi songs and lucky me, I got a chance to listen to 'Nazar ke Saamne' and 'Tu Meri Zindagi Hai' from Aashiqui.

Some gems from 'Aashiqui'

Nazar Ke Saamne

Betaabi kya hoti hai poochho mere dil se
Tanha tanha lauta hoon main to bhari mehfil se

Tanhaai jeene na de bechaini tadpaaye
tumko main na dekhun to dil mera ghabraye

Tu Meri Zindagi Hai

Tuuuuuu... meri zindagi hai
Tu meri har khushi hai
Tu hi pyar tu hi chaahat
Tu hi aashiqui hai

Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai tu
Bujh ke jo bujh na paai, vo pyaas hai tu
Tu hi meri pehli khwahish
Tu hi aakhri hai
Tu meri zindagi hai
Tu meri har khushi hai...

Aashiqui brought back fond memories of school life. I was in 10th class when Aashiqui was released. There was one of my classmates who had seen the movie a lot of times. After almost a year, I met him. The film was still running to packed houses.
I asked him how many times he'd seen the film and he answered he'd seen it 65 times!!!!

Aashiqui Lyrics.

Bas Ek Sanam Chahiye Aashiqui ke Liye

Vaqt ke haathon men sabakii taqadiiren hain
Aainaa jhuuthaa hai sachchii tasaviiren hain
JahaaN dard hai vahiin giit hai
JahaaN pyaas hai vahiin miit hai
(Lovely lyrics...)
Koi naa jaane magar jiine kii yahii riit hai
saaz kii zaruurat hai jaise, mausiqii ke liye
Bas ek sanam chaahiye, aashiqii ke liye

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mai aana

Dhire dhire se meri zindagi men aana
Dhire dhire se dil ko churaana
Tumse pyaar hame hai kitnaa jaanejaana
Tumse milkar tumko hai bataana

After Aashiqui, I liked the lyrics of 'Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi' and 'Jism'

Gems from 'Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi'
Lyrics by Sayeed Quadri

Tere Dar Par Sanam Chale Aaye

Tere dar par sanam chale aaye
Tu na aaya to hum chale aaye

Bin tere koi aas bhi na rahi
Itne tarse ke pyaas bhi na rahi

Ladkhadaaye kadam, chale aaye
Chale aaye, chale aaye

This is absolutely amazing...

Dil Main Sanam Ki Soorat Aankhon Mai Aashiqui De

Dil mein sanam ki surat, aankhon mein aashiqui de
Mere khuda mujhe tu ek aur zindagi de

Kaise karoon mohabbat do din ki zindagi mein
Yeh din to beet jaayenge yunhi hasi hasi mein

Jee bharke pyaar kar loon, aisi mujhe khushi de
Mere khuda mujhe tu ek aur zindagi de

Sau saal tak sanam ki aankhon mein doob jaaoon
Sau saal aur ho to usko gale lagaaoon
(Lovely, too good!)

Lyrics of Jism by Sayeed Quadri

Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai

Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan

Dekhti hai jis tarah se teri nazrein mujhe
Main khud ko chupaao kahan

Jism - Awaarapan Banjaarapan
Lyrics by Sayeed Quadri

Awaarapan banjaarapan
Ek hala hai seene main
Har dam har pal bechaini hai
Kaun bhala hai seene main

Jaane yeh kaisi aag lagi hai
Is main dhuaan na chingari
Ho na ho us par kahin koi
Khwaab jala hai seene main

Jis raaste par tapta suraj
Saari raat nahin dhalta
Ishq ki aisi rah guzar ko
Hum ne chuna hai seene main
Awaarapan banjaarapan
Ek hala hai seene main

Kahan kise ke liye hai mumkin
Sab ke liye ek sa hona
Thoda sa dil mera bura hai
Thoda bhala hai seene main
Awaarapan banjaarapan
Ek hala hai seene mai

Sur - Lyrics by Nida Fazli

Kabhi Shaam Dhale to Mere Dil Main Aa Jaana

Kabhi shaam dhale to mere dil main aa jaana
Kabhi chaand khile to mere dil main aa jaana

Magar aana is tarah tum ki yahaa se phir na jaana

Tu nahin hai magar phir bhi tu saath hai
Baat ho koi bhi teri hi baat hai

Tum hi meri aankhen ho sunee tanha raahon main
Chaahe jitni doori ho tum ho meri baahon main

Kabhi shaam dhale to mere dil main aa jaana
Kabhi chaand khile to mere dil main aa jaana

Chalte Chalte - Lyrics by Javed Akhtar

Suno Naa, Suno Naa..

Tumne na jaana ke main deewaana
Lekar aaya hoon dil ka nazraana
Mere dil ki hai jo daastaan
Suno na suno na, sun lo na
Humsafar mujhiko chun lo na

Tum jo gumsum ho to main hairaan hoon
Yeh raaz kaise tumko bataaoon
Tum par marta hoon, main sach kehta hoon
Maangke dekh lo mujhse jaan
Suno na suno na, sun lo na
Hamsafar mujhiko chun lo na

Main bhi hoon tanha, tum bhi tanha ho
Gar saath hum ho to socho kya ho

Pyaar humko bhi hai...

Pyaar humko bhi hai, pyaar tumko bhi hai
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye
Bewafa hum nahin, bewafa tum nahin
To kyoon itne gile ho gaye
Chalte chalte kaise yeh faasle ho gaye
Kya pata kahan hum chale

These are some of my favourite songs. What are yours?

I've taken the test. They'd let me know by tomorrow evening.
It was good. I've done well.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Weekend Diary.

Saturday: Went to Kachiguda station at 05:00 am to receive Parul and Abhishek from Bangalore. Felt good to be awake early in the morning. Came to office for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Went to 'Durgam Cheruvu' lake in the evening.

While at the lake, I received a call from Punit and got to know about his great start! He has got a very good start in Pune. Congratulations Punit! Well Done! Wish You All the Best!
I felt very very happy on getting the news about Punit's job in Pune.

At the lake, we had to do with a mechanised boat-ride as it was late for the paddle boat-ride. I'll try the paddle boat some other time.

Went for dinner to 'Our Place' at Banjara Hills, Road No. 10. The food was alright. (I've got so used to eating outside food, eating at home is a change for me, rather than eating outside!:-)) We had the usual stuff. Soup, spring rolls, paneer, palak, methi, rumaali roti, butter naan etc. 'Our Place' is a Garden Restaurant.

The service is slow (guess that's the way at most of these upmarket places), plus we'd to wait for half an hour to get a table.

It's a nice place for an office outing with drinks where you can chat and then eat at leisure. I wouldn't suggest this place for a family outing. The service is slow, the food is nothing special to write about and the ambience although good is nothing extraordinary. I'd prefer a waterfall or lots of flowers rather than a lawn and Indian Classical playing in the background.

Dadi was tired after going to Durgam Cheruvu so she didn't come with us for dinner. Abhishek had got his friends Maitreya and Sasi alongwith him. So there were the ten of us. Achal, Arpee, Parul, Abhishek, Rupali (Parul's collegemate), Maitreya, Sasi, Nidhi (Arpee's sister), Shreya (Nidhi's friend) and I. We ordered for dinner at around 10:00 and were done by 12:15 a.m.

Sunday: Started at 07:30 am to drop Nidhi and Shreya to Osmania University for their entrance exam. It is almost 20 kms from our place. Had Chai and samosa with Achal, (after a longtime) at the cafe near ABC. Were at home in the afternoon. Evening went to Kachiguda station to see-off Parul & Abhishek (another ride of 20 kms). Had ice-cream for dinner. Were too tired plus didn't want Arpee to cook after two days of lot of work for her. So we went to Melting Moments for 'dinner'. Had a three scoop Sundae and then Chocolate Cake with ice-cream. I like that item. Next time I go there, I'll have cake and ice-cream.

This morning went to drop Shreya at the airport and while coming out of the airport parking had to pay Rs. 100/- fine. I didn't have the PUC certificate. A good start to a Monday morning!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

This is to continue with my post of 21st May on Bangalore.

Aslambhai: Aslambhai was the most regular customer at the netcafe that I used to frequent at JC Nagar in Bangalore. Aslambhai's favourite activity was listening to songs online from http://www.musicindiaonline.com/ He used to listen to the latest hits. His all-time favourite was (I think it still is!)
"Kabhi mujhko hasaaye
Kabhi mujhko rulaaye
Mujhe kitna sataati hai
Woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai
Woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai"
from Qayamat.

He used to keep on playing this song again and again and again.

Whenever, Aslambhai was at the netcafe, this song was on. Besides this he used to Chat on Yahoo, play Yahoo Games and talk on his cellphone in a typical Bangalorian 'Muslim' Hindi way. Bangalore's Hindi is different from Hyderabad's Hindi. In Bangalore they use a lot of 'Patthey' as they use 'Bhai' in Hyderabad. Bangalore people use 'Da' a lot. As in, 'What da!'.
Here is a link to an entertaining, humorous Shayari in Bangalore Hindi.

Whenever the song, "Woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai" plays on TV, I remember Aslambhai!

Amaan, a partner at the netcafe, used to play "I live my Life for you" and "Hotel California" a lot of times.

Thoughts for Today

The road to a friend's house is never long.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Now, I've got to put this quote in action!)

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
~ Henry Ford

A thought about myself. I get too excited while arguing. I don't get angry but I do get excited. Chill man! I need to chill. Take it easy. People are entitled to their opinions. Let them have their say. I'll do that. I'm calm and polite while discussing but I don't have to get unnecessarily excited.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Too Straightforward or too much in a hurry.

I wrote a mail to my CEO and mentioned that I won't be available for the conference call this evening due to personal reasons.
My colleague's say, I should have written unavoidable reasons.
This mail will get me in a soup. I wrote what was right. Let's see. Monday is a long way off. Bye for now!

Am I not getting too personal. Do I need to write this.
What if someone from office reads?
Let them!

A Nice Quote.
Life is a race, a long race, sometimes you're ahead, sometimes behind, in the end the only one you're competing is with yourself! So why to worry!

Reminder: I've to wake up at 3:30 a.m. tomorrow. Be there at Kachiguda Station at 04:30 a.m. If only there was a 12 am to 3 am movie show!

I've received a call to take the test. I'd be taking the test on Tuesday. That's it for now. Back to work.
I'm leaving early, that is regular time! Wow!
Am I happy? Yes. However, I'm not going to Pune.

I'm looking for an opportunity to work in the field
of e-learning. That's what I want to do.
I searched for e-learning/instructional design courses in Hyderabad on Google. I got a link to an article that mentioned various sites on e-learning. I contacted its author, Madhuri from Hyderabad. She replied and told me that there's a content development opportunity at her office. I've sent my CV to her HR dept. I want to take the test. I'm looking forward to a call to take the test. So that's the info. for now. My CV may not be impressive, I am! :-)

Most probably, I won't be attending this evening's call, as I have to go to Tewari Bros. Mithaiwala at Khairatabad to buy 'Black Gulab Jamuns' for Parul and Abhishek who'd be coming from Bangalore tomorrow. Achal has gone to office and he's told me to do the work. It's a minor issue here in office. However, I haven't missed a call till date (that's why haven't been able to go to Pune too!) so I think one day is alright!

This morning's post is about friends and acquaintances in Bangalore.

I was in Bangalore last year from 29th Jan. to 1st Aug. (What can I do, I'm very good at remembering dates and numbers! :-))

Zaheer: How can I forget Zaheer! I'm not in touch with him, he isn't, I am! He's in Bombay, I suppose! We were room-partners for six months. He did his own thing and I did mine. We shared a common passion, 'Reading' and that was enough for both of us! :-)
He used to read a lot. He used to get 'The Hindu', I got 'The ToI', sometimes it was the other way round. Whenever we were in the room, either both of us were reading, or else he used to discuss about his girl, 'Ladli'. Zaheer is from Pune. His relatives are from Kolkata. 'Ladli' is from Kolkata. Zaheer, had taken three weeks off and he'd been to Kolkata to win over 'Ladli'. There were differences of opinions with her parents. 'Ladli' is from Nadia district of West Bengal, a place near Kolkata. Her parents wanted Zaheer to settle in Kolkata and take up a Government job! It was their way of thinking!

(Rural people find security in that, maybe! I've not seen enough of rural India to make such a sweeping statement! I really want to see rural India! A post on that later. Taking technology to rural India and about my dream!)

To continue with the above, a govt. job is secure, its in Kolkata and we don't want to send our girl to Bangalore. That was their reasoning. Zaheer, on the other hand mentioned about his job, he was earning fair enough, he'd keep her happy and they'd live comfortably. I remember the time he came back from Kolkata, it was almost at this time (third week of May, last year), he was so upset and he talked about everything with me, how they fell in love, what are his plans, what do her parents think, what does he want to do and many other things. He wanted to elope with her, she was ready. He planned to get married in Bangalore. Then, after a lot of persuasion, he got over that. He used to consider me as an elder brother and always used to ask for guidance!

(Sometimes, I felt, I'm myself looking for guidance and people are asking me for advice!. It's that way. Even in Pune, in my society, people have looked up to me. Ask Chirayu for advice. That's a problem sometimes, When you want a hand on your shoulder and you find no one and everyone comes to you with their problems, hopes, fears!. A separate post on that)

To continue with Zaheer, after I left Bangalore, I'd given a call to Zaheer and he'd mentioned that he'd been to Kolkata, once again, for two weeks, extended till four weeks, putting his job at stake, still her parents didn't agree and they were at the same point as during his last visit, that of settling in Kolkata and taking a government job. After that when I'd called Zaheer in Feb. this year, he told me he'd be moving to Mumbai. I'd received a mail from him in March, he's in Mumbai. I've sent him a lot of mails after that, haven't yet received any replies from him!

So Zaheer, if you're reading this, "Kya bolta hai, Bhai!" - My favourite words for you! Even when I hadn't called you for a long time and I mentioned these words, you instantly recognized my voice! Please keep in touch and mail me your contact number!
I'll meet you when I'm in Bombay. Hope you're able to meet your uncles frequently in Pune, as you're working in Bombay!

Each interaction with an individual is a learning experience.
Zaheer, used to tell me that he's learnt a lot from me.

What did I learn from Zaheer!
I learnt patience, patience to wait at the bus-stop! (was never good at that, still am not, why to worry, I've my bike here in Hyderabad) I travelled a lot by bus in Bangalore. Still remember the bus routes, 164 and 166 from Shivajinagar to BTM Layout.
Sometimes, I used to change three buses, on my way back home from office. BTM Layout to Koramangala Water Tank (202), from there to Shivajinagar (164, 166), from Shivajinagar to J.C. Nagar (107,112,272,284 and many others). I must say, Bangalore buses are very good and very cheap (as in reasonable). I've already written a post about that earlier.

Milind from Pune. Colleague in Bangalore.
I shared good times with him. He used to tell me, "Chirayu, you're too dominating, why are you trying to change things overnight. If you want you can lead people to the moon (yes, he really told me that) (I appreciate your very kind words, Milind and I still remember them! :-) thanks Brother!) but people resist change and they won't take to it kindly. He used to reason out and make practical suggestions, instead of the drastic ones that I used to have.

Where is Milind? No idea? That's the problem! I'm too fast in connecting with people, because I have access to online facilities and use it to my advantage. However, people sometimes, because of work or habit don't prefer that.
Milind, kabhi to mail kiya kar yaar! What's your Pune number? Are you in Pune or as you'd mentioned have you taken a job in Bombay? Mail me.

More about Bangalore (especially about 'Aslambhai', never spoke a word with him, except for a stray Hi sometime, still very interesting, must read, not now!), later on!

I've got to complete something by 1 pm. Is it a deadline at work? No, not at all! I've set this task for myself as I want to go home early! Every Friday, I write this, about going home early and I never go! :-)

So, more about friends, later on!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I like listening to these songs.

Pink Floyd

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over,
Thought I'd something more to say.

Home, home again
I like to be here when I can
And when I come home cold and tired
It's good to warm my bones beside the fire
Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells.

Guns n' Roses
November Rain

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain
But lovers always come and lovers always go
And no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away
If we could take the time to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin' that you were mine
All mine

So if you want to love me
then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November rain
Do you need some time...on your own
Do you need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone

I know it's hard to keep an open heart
When even friends seem out to harm you
But if you could heal a broken heart
Wouldn't time be out to charm you

Sometimes I need some time...on my own
Sometimes I need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone

And when your fears subside
And shadows still remain
I know that you can love me
When there's no one left to blame
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain

Link: Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali (.pdf file)

A Thought for Today

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,
it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity,
it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness,
it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair,
we had everything before us, we had nothing before us,
we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going the other way.
~ Charles Dickens. 'A Tale of Two Cities'

I've to check a lot of links from these links. I've to do things fast.
There is a lot of time for me, however, it's my nature, I can't work slow. If I work, I work fast. It is like submission.

Have I ever given 100% to my work. No, so far never.
I hate to work. I really do. The only person I want to work for, is myself!

The only time, I remember, I'd poured myself 100% in work was when I was doing the Japanese Project web site of Seed Infotech (for free). I remember having worked for 10 days at a stretch. I was always at work, almost 24*7 and that too without any remuneration, on my own computer, using my internet connection and money. Why? Because I wanted to do it!

It is so easy when I 'want' to and so difficult when I 'have' to.

The other time, I'd put in more than 100% percent was a long time back, when I was in 10th class. I'd read, re-read and re-reread the Hindi textbook 'n' number of times. Why? I liked the subject. I enjoyed the classes of Karkaria Sir and I got 'just' results for that. I scored 84 out of 100 in Hindi.

I still remember one of the Dohas of Kabir, if I'm not mistaken, that Karkaria Sir had mentioned in his class.

Karat karat abhyaas ke
Jadmati hot sujaan
Rassi aavat jaavat hai
Shil par padat nishaan

By keeping on learning
You increase your knowledge
Just as a rope (in a well) goes and comes
And even the Stone gets scratched (gets marks)

I'll post some interesting college stories (junior college) online. Why later, let me do it right now.

I was in 11th class (First year of Junior college). The classes commenced in the last week of July and by the second week of September, I hadn't attended one Lecture of English. One fine day I went for the English lecture. Why? It was in my fav. classroom. A-7. One could get a clear view of the cricket ground from the bench near the window. So I sat there. While taking attendance, the professor called my number and I said, "Present Sir". After all those absent marks 'A's' the professor was surprised to mark a 'P'. He asked me, "Are you attending my class for the first time". I answered, "Yes Sir!" "Where were you?" "In this college!" and the whole class burst out laughing. The Prof. didn't say anything and continued with his class. After taking the attendance, he told us to read a poem, if I recollect correctly it was Subramanya Bharati's poem. Then, he pointed to me, "You there! Have you read the poem?" "Yes Sir!" "Explain what you've understood!" The poem was about patriotism. I stood up and gave an explanation of the first two paragraphs. The Professor was suitably impressed and he asked me to sit and I answered back :-), "I've explained only two paragraphs, let me complete my explanation!" And the whole class was silent! I explained the poem then I sat. I did attend his lectures. He got to know my lastname. I scored among the top 3 in English that semester. Minor matters. It made me a small-time 'Hero' in my class. "Arre, Chirayu, guts yaar, kya sunaya hai usko" something on those lines. I recollect this incident. Shared it online. Although that didn't make me popular enough with the girls :-p. Maybe, I was too shy in college. No, not exactly. Wasn't shy. Too straight-forward! I still am! :-) (Who'd like to disagree? :-)) Go to college, attend lectures, or else sit in the library or else play cricket or else sometimes go to the canteen, go back home.

Now, I'm sort of 'Bindaas'. Kisi ka dar nahin hai. I speak my mind and I really do it. Because someone says it is right, it doesn't always have to be! If I know, I'm right and I am able to explain why I am, to duniya ek taraf aur mai ek taraf, panga nahin... and even in matters of job (change), agar mujhe kuch aur karna hai...and I've a reason to convince 'myself' (I have a hundred reasons, right now! :-)), I'll do it!

Random rumblings. Enough of it. Yeh train to chalta hi rahega...
Btw, speaking about trains, a train of thoughts, a humorous thought..."The Indian Economy is on the right tracks with the nomination of Manmohan Singh for the PM's post. Now, it's time for the train to get moving and pick speed, the BJP has already got it started!"

Save another college story for the next time.

Btw, I wanted to post this and I ended up posting the above story! :-)
The Complete Guide to Internet Statistics & Research.
Internet Statistics & Research Links

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A Thought for Today.
When there is a conflict between the head and the heart, always follow the heart!

A frank thought!

I don't care who becomes the next Prime Minister of India as long as I get my salary at the end of the month!

Yeh kya natak laga rakha hai, they can't even make a decision. Agar Sonia Gandhi ko nahin ban-neka hai PM, to theek hai naa yaar, Manmohan Singh is the best choice. Yeh kya chamchagiri lagaye rakha hai. Koi bhi bano PM, lekin jaldi karo!

Discussing politics in office is the most 'destructive' way of passing time. A 'constructive' way of passing time is discussing Cricket! :-)

Read what this newspaper has to say! What a headline!

A collection of Blog Search Engines.

An Extensive list of Blog Search Engines.
Feedster, BlogSearchEngine, Technorati, DayPop, Eatonweb BlogSearch

Search this blog on Feedster.

All External links will open in a new window.
Two reasons, if you've come to read my blog, continue reading and it's good to do multi-tasking!

Manmohan Singh is going to be the New Prime Minister of India.
Read here.

On the Stock Markets.

Read about the ups and downs of the Sensex in this morning's ToI.
Can someone explain the behaviour of Stock Markets?
Sensex on Monday, 17th May 2004 down 565 points. The second highest loss in History. The Sensex on Tuesday, 18th May. Up 372 points. The second highest gain in history! So does one need to be a Financial Analyst or an Astrologer! :-) Good, I haven't done Finance!
Does the market run on sentiments or is it an over-reaction?
I want to read about the behaviour of stock-markets. I'll do a quick search on google for that.
Link for my ready reference: Live Commentary from the BSE
Latest News from The Economic Times.

Writing has to be fluent and effortless, like running water.
In writing, as in life, speed is of essence.
How true, isn't it! And still all our life is filled with details, analysis, graphs, charts, bar-diagrams, excel worksheets and what not.
I hate meetings, instead of discussing how to do a thing for 30 mins. I'd like to do that in 30 mins! :-)

A lovely quote on this. I love this quote.

I like to learn.
I don't like to be taught!

You have interesting thoughts to share. Let me know.

Two-lines from a poem, 'Jeevan behta hi jaata hai' by Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar'.

Pyaase ko bin parse punya nahin milta paani ko
Yaachak ka aashish liye bin swarg nahin milta daani ko

Water does not get blessings unless it quenches the thirst of someone
Without taking the blessings of a supplicant (one who prays humbly), a donor does not find heaven.

I'd translate the second line as, A seeker does not find heaven without the blessings of a needy person.
That means, help people why help God!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I like this poem. I'd read it for the first time in a Reader's Digest WordPower book when I was in junior college.

On the Dunes by Sara Teasdale

If there is any life when death is over,
These tawny beaches will know much of me,
I shall come back, as constant and as changeful
As the unchanging, many-colored sea.

If life was small, if it has made me scornful,
Forgive me; I shall straighten like a flame
In the great calm of death, and if you want me
Stand on the sea-ward dunes and call my name.

What has this poem taught me.
I like the words...
Stand on the sea-ward dunes and call my name.
No one is far-off!

Patience is a Prime virtue and I want to cultivate it.
I don't have patience. Patience with my job, patience at the restaurant, patience at the platform, patience for the television commercial to end (channel-changing, not surfing) is my hobby! I want to cultivate pateince.

Zaheer, my room-partner in Bangalore last year, taught me a lot about patience. I learnt to wait at the bus-stop from him, otherwise, I've taken walks in Pune, instead of waiting for the bus, that was when I didn't have a bike. I haven't used public transport in Pune for the last five years. Last year, when I was in Bangalore for six months, I used to travel by bus.
I'm plannning to move to Bangalore (am I really, no, I'm not, I'm thinking of planning...). I want to work in Bangalore, once again.

I'm happy in Hyderabad (my mood keeps on changing, depending on the traffic at Begumpet and what is cooked for dinner at home :-)).
There are some cities where you feel happy. I didn't have a good job in Bangalore (ok, atleast, I didn't like it), I was all alone, times were tough - I was down with an injury for three weeks with no one to take care of and I didn't have a job at that time, I lost a lot of weight.
Here in Hyderabad, I've a good job, the pay is decent, I'm staying at home (with my brother). I get dinner at home, that is, eat outside only once, I have my bike, I have the money and I'm working in regular shifts, with the weekend off, so this is definitely better, still, my opinion is I like Bangalore, I want to go to Bangalore.

And, the whole analysis points to one thing. Do I really want to do this? Do I want to stagnate for a few more months or for a year because I want the money at the end of the month in my bank account, because my parents want me to get married, because I 'need'to settle down! Or should I do what I feel like doing? How many times have I asked this question to myself!

The pragmatic answer to my question is I should stick to this job. If I stay here for three months and if the project works out well, I'll be a manager.
My heart says, I'll get a 25% raise, my designation will change, what will I learn?

I feel like taking a month off, taking a few days off from work and then joining a class for the courses that I want to learn or else find information about them and learn on my own.

Again, it's a question of studying for what? You study to get a job (leave knowledge aside). I already have a job. Another point, The work that I want to do, somewhere else, requires a certain expertise and if I haven't had a chance to learn or use those tools then how will I get in there?

This is too much of unnecessary thinking.

The best way is go to the company that I want to work for, give my CV, and say, "I want to work here" and take it forward from there.
The answer would be yes (good for me), no (chance to learn), wait (who cares).

Now, I've got to decide! It's my life!

Before that, it's time for some Humour, after a lot of thinking.

This Saturday, I've to go to Kachiguda station at 04:30 a.m.
Confirm and then book Dadi's tickets for the 8th of June. I need to go with her to Pune. 8th June is Tuesday.
Confirm with Achal, whether he has paid the water supplier.
I want to watch 'Windtalkers' on Star Movies next month. I like war movies.
'Strings' song.

Who will be the New PM of India? How long will the government last. What does it have in store for me as a young, working professional? Questions in my mind. Why am I thinking about it. Did I care for the elections. Yes, I did (I couldn't vote as I was in Hyderabad and my vote is in Pune), however, the people of India, didn't and voted the NDA out-of-power. I won't say they voted the Congress to power. Now, the NDA should acccept their defeat gracefully, if Sonia Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister or else, if they feel they have a chance, depends on what permutations and combinations happen in these two days, then they too should stake a claim for forming the government. However, do they have the strength. Very unlikely. Most probably, after a lot of drama, it will be the Congress and the so-called coalition in power with Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister. What do you say?

I want to discuss West Bengal and Kerala politics with someone? What is the psyche of voters from WB and Kerala that makes them vote for Communist parties? Why is it so? The Communist parties have ruled Kolkata for such a long time and still, why is Kolkata still not among the best Indian metros. Any thoughts on that? Or would you like to differ? Mail me

What have I done since morning?

I had a very light dinner last evening, so I had a heavy breakfast this morning at the Irani cafe. Do chai, chaar chhota samosa and masala dosa. Before that, I haven't shaved today, I haven't taken a bath, didn't take one yesterday too! It's overcast out here in Hyderabad and I don't want to take an early morning bath and go 15 kms on my bike to office. No, that's not the right reason, I didn't feel like it, so didn't take a bath!
I'm in office. I've checked my mails, read the newspaper, surfed different sites, changed my blog, written new posts, chatted on yahoo messenger. Omg, kaam kya kiya... kuch nahin... mann nahin kar raha hai... company muft mai paisa deta hai kya...who cares! I want to do something different. I want to learn Instructional Design. I've mentioned that before too. Lekin, usse pehle, I want to go home. I want to go to Pune atleast for a day! Kuch bhi karke, I'm going to take an off this Friday, conference call or no call! Let's see, whether I implement it or not!
Hey, on second thoughts, no, I won't be able to go home this weekend. Parul & Abhishek are going to come from Bangalore. So I'll have to be here in Hyderabad to manage things along with Achal.

Btw, a humorous quote, "Why to have second thoughts on a third opinion?" :-)

Saw Munnabhai M.B.B.S. for the umpteenth time on Saturday night. That film always amazes me. Brilliant screenplay by Abbas Tyrewala and fantastic acting by everyone.

Quote some lines from the film.

Sunil Dutt at the railway station:
"Yeh is Desh ki janta hai. Koi apni biwi se lad kar aaya hai, kisiko naukri ki chinta hai, koi apne padosi ki tarakki se jalta hai, kisike bachhe uska kehna nahin maante, sarkar ke bhrasttachaar se lekar cricket team ki haar tak, sab pareshaan hai"

Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt): "Woh aadmi bahar mar raha hota hai to usko form bharna zaroori hai kya?"

Circuit (Arshad Warsi): "Bhai yeh room to shuru hote hi khatm ho jaata hai" :-)) Reminds me of my room in Bangalore!

Munnabhai: Ae Circuit, ek body chahiye
Circuit: Bhai, imported maal chalega!

Bawaji (Dr. Rustom Pavri's Dad): Dikra, Carrom rumvaanu, juice pivano, majjani life! :-)
(Parsi, Gujarati - Son, Play Carrom, drink juice, enjoy life!)

Munnabhai: "Maqsoodbhai, aapko thankyou bolneka hai!" (When Munnabhai gives the hospital sweeper, a Jaado ki Jhappi!)

and the ubiquitous (ever-present) Bole to...

A Thought for the Moment!
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all!

I want to read this ebook. The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.
I also want to read, 'The Principles of Instructional Design' by Robert M. Gagne and other e-learning, instructional design books.

A post on the lovely poster of Katrina Kaif in a pink top and blue jeans, an advertisement hoarding of Deccan Chronicle at the Nagarjuna Circle at Banjara Hills Road No. 2 in Hyderabad, the circle near Chutney's.

I call that poster 'Jannat' (Heaven, Paradise). She looks like a goddess in that picture. Kya dikhti hai! Bilkul Jannat!

My Office is at Secunderabad and every evening, I make it a point to gaze upwards to take a look at that beauty on my way back home. I'll take a pic. of that and post it online. It's a good advertising strategy by Deccan Chronicle. People may or may not read the newspaper, however, they'll definitely take a look at the hoarding because of Katrina Kaif and that builds up brand value. Kaunsa paper, arre woh, Katrina Kaif wala.

My suggestion to DQ is, give a full-page photo of Katrina Kaif daily and see your sales rocket!

Thre are three such pics. of Katrina Kaif. One in a pink top and blue jeans, another one in a black dress, that is opposite Anand theatre and one in a cream dress, opp. Pantaloons. The pink top and blue jeans advertisement hoarding of Katrina Kaif is also on the Begumpet Airport flyover. My favourite pic. of out of these three is the one in pink top and blue jeans. Hey, how come, I haven't searched for that pic. online. Let me do it rightaway! :-)

Monday, May 17, 2004

Writing some random shayaris that I remember...

Woh Aaina dekhte hai...
Woh Aaina dekhte hai aur
Yeh bhi dekhte hai ki koi unhe naa dekhe...
Unhe Ara-e-gesu se matlab...
Koi Deewaana Ban Jaaye Unki Bala Se...

Kahin kisi ko Mukammal Jahan Nahin Milta
Kahin Zameen to Kahin Aasma Nahin Milta...

Aisa banna-sawarna mubarak tumhe
Kam se kam itna to kehna hamaara maano
Chaand sharmayega chaandi raat mai
Yu na apni zulfon ko sawaara karo

Yahan kaun hai jinhe tauba ki mil gayi fursat
Ek Zindagi kam hai Gunaah karne ke liye...

From Madhushala...
Madiralay jaane ko
Ghar se chalta hai peenewaala
Kis path se jau
Asamanjas mai hai wvah bhola-bhala
Alag alag path batlaate sab...
Par mai yeh batlaata hu..
Raah pakad tu ek chala-chal
Paa jaayega madhushala

Hoshwalo ko khabar kya
Bekhudi kya cheez hai
Ishq kijiye phir samajhiye
Zindagi kya cheez hai...
(Ghazal. Also in Sarfarosh film. Sung by Jagjit Singh).

Tu is tarah se meri zindagi mai shaamil hai
Jahan bhi jau to lagta hai ki teri mehfil hai...
(Mohd. Rafi. 1981 film).

Badi Naazuk hai yeh manzil
Mohabbat ka safar hai...
(From Jogger's Park)

Btw, this week, there's a Punjabi and Lassi :-) food festival at the same place. I want to go there. Anyone to give me company!

Last night we'd taken Dadi out to dinner. We went to Quality Inn Residency at Nampally. There was a Jain food festival going on and so we thought that would be the best place to take her as she doesn't eat onions and garlic. We'd planned to go to 'Utsav' at Secunderabad. However, it was raining and Secunderabad would have been too far, so Achal called up one of his friend's and he informed us about this food festival. Dadi enjoyed the food. There were lots of varieties. I don't like Buffets as there is so much to eat and I don't like to take bits n pieces of everything. I'd prefer a meal with two-three sabjis, rather than fifteen different items kept for you and by the time you've tasted five different items, you're full. Dadi enjoyed the evening and it was the first time we'd taken her out since she came to Hyderabad a couple of weeks ago. Next week, Parul and Abhishek are going to come from Bangalore and we've planned to book an A/c. Scorpio for the weekend. Next week we'll take Dadi for dinner to 'Utsav'. Talking about food, I'm very bad at waiting for food. So far, I cannot recollect waiting outside a particular restaurant, because it is full and I want to eat there. Never! I like to try different places. I'm happy If I get Roti and Sabzi :-) alongwith pyaaj.

Link to Google's Form S-1 as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Pdf file, Html file.
I want to read this form from page to page. If I'm able to take a print-out of the 171 pages of pdf file, I'll take it or else, read online.
Link to check: http://www.google-ipo.com/

Sunday, May 16, 2004

We are the Pilgrims Master!
We should always go, a little further
It may be beyond the last blue mountain, barred with snow
Across the angry or that glimmering sea.
~ James Elroy Flecker

My photos online. Pune pics. taken in Jan. 2004. Hyd. Holi Pics. March 2004. http://photos.yahoo.com/chirayu20/

A Thought for Today
There are no 'Strange' places, only 'New' ones.

Sunday evening. It's drizzling since 7 pm. I'm at the netcafe. We might go out for dinner.

I want to learn Instructional Design / Content Management System (CMS) / Learning Management System (LMS). If any of you know about courses for the above in Hyderabad or Secunderabad, please let me know.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

A short poem, call it a six-liner!

Standing outside the house
The cool breeze on my face
The faint whistle of leaves
The headlights of a car passing by
It's 1 am in the morning
I'm waiting for a star to appear in the sky...

This is not exactly a Haiku.

I'd written a lot of four-liners last year. Have an entire page to that. Check this link of Random Musings. They should come naturally. You don't have to sit waiting for a four-liner to write...it's spontaneoues and I remember a rainy evening in Bangalore, last year when I'd written most of these four-liners.
Bangalore made me a poet! :-)
Hyderabad, I'm frustrated and cribbing a lot. No. I'm not cribbing, I'm frustrated, as I'm not happy with the job. Well, somedays, I am, sometimes, I'm not!
I feel like drinking and sleeping. Lekin, problem yeh hai ki 8-10 peg tak apne ko chadthi hi nahin hai :-))
I don't drink often, you may say, I'm a social drinker. I make it a point to be always in my senses. A couple of weeks back at an office party, I'd only two pegs. The best thing is, I can leave drinking anytime. If I want to, I won't drink from today, however, I've not yet been able to convince myself, with a strong enough reason for not drinking. Besides that, it's occasional, so chalta hai.

I've not eaten mangoes for so many years now.
Almost 8 plus years. There's an interesting story to that.
India lost the 1996 Cricket World Cup Semi-final to Sri Lanka in March 1996. (13th March 1996, yes, I remember the date!). Then, I told myself, I wouldn't eat mangoes till India Wins the World Cup!!! :-)
Let's see, how long can I stay without eating mangoes, a couple of months, a year and time went by and its more than eight years and I haven't eaten any mangoes and now I don't feel like eating too (for those of you finicky with details, boss, I'm talking about Alphonso, Badam, Ratnagiri, Langda and other Mangoes, ripe mangoes, not raw ones). An interesting story, and, I haven't made it up. :-)

Sometimes, I feel, I'll eat mangoes, only after I'm 76 years of age, that's when India will win the Cricket world cup and then I'll die of Diabetes!!!! :-) :-) I do hope India wins the 2007 Cricket World Cup to be held in the West Indies. Last year, we'd a very good chance of winning, however, the Aussies proved too good for us. I'm looking forward to the Australia in India October 2004 Cricket Series. That will be an interesting series.

Cellphone costs a lot of money. My cellphone expenses have increased. When I didn't have a cellphone, I used to call home, once a week. Now, I do so almost daily, and, I don't even have a girl friend and I'm not yet engaged. After that, I guess, I'll have to spare 25% of my salary for cellphone expenses! :-)
Read my poem, Ode to an Electronic Leech.

I'm enjoying writing my diary. Earlier, I used to feel, I should be conservative in writing, not too opinionated, now, I feel, it's my space and I can express what I want to! I'll be true to myself! Although, I prefer, not to use any swear words, as I normally don't in real life, unless I'm too happy or plain frustrated, or if there is company that uses swear words every two sentences, and I don't have that kind of a company.

I feel writing has to be simple, precise and clear. Small sentences. Short paragraphs. Easy to understand. And those people who use swear words in writing, show a lack of vocabulary, unless, it's in quoting someone or if they use it to depict reality. Like, for example, if it's a war movie you cannot delete the expletives. It's a war movie, shaadi mai nahin aaya hai!

I'm trying to find an article I'd written on Bombay Hindi. It is somewhere in one of my mailboxes. If I find it, I'll post it.

Also, a post on Google Search very soon. I keep on explaining various Google tips n'tricks to people in office. Why not write a post on that itself! I'll write it!

In the pipeline (now, that's such a Hackneyed business word, Seedha bol naa yaar!) is a post on an arranged marriage and the kind of a girl I'm looking for :-) Sounds interesting? Doesn't it?

I've written a lot. Wohi to panga hai... mere Naukri mai writing ka profile rehke writing ka kaam nahin hai, isliye mai Saturday office mai aake (this is the first time, ok, the 2nd time, I'm in office on a Saturday) likh raha hu.

I'm in office, on a Saturday, to post my profile on a matrimonial website, plus check a few job sites. However, I'm checking my mails and writing my Blog! It's 12:25 p.m. I didn't have a bath yesterday, I haven't had one today, there's no electricity at home since morning and no water.

Have I had enough of writing, no I haven't.
I need good company (online, offline). Intelligent, mature and practical company.
I've never been good at discussing things, esspecially talking about myself!
I'm good at talking about ideas, places, thoughts, hopes, politics, cricket, films, religion, writing, poetry and so many other things. I don't like to talk about what did this person say and what did that person say. That is why, in most of the office conversations, if it's personal, I don't take part. Who are we to form an opinion on someone? Here's a good quote on this point, "Just because someone is not living the life, you expect them to live, that doesn't mean they're wrong." "If someone is not on your path, doesn't mean that person is on the wrong path." Although, if it gets personal we get opinionated. Everyone does. I to do. So the golden line is, We should never take the trouble of thinking on someone else's behalf!

Time for a Thought for Today!
The fear of suffering, is worse than the suffering itself!

How true, isn't it?
This line is taken from 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. I've read this book more than three times, I could've read it even more, now it is with Limkar uncle (landlord) and he's in London.
Read my favourite quotes from 'The Alchemist'
Have a nice day, a nice evening and a very nice late evening and a great weekend!
Bye for now!
Cheers! Chirayu

Friday, May 14, 2004

A Thought for Today.
The principle is competing against yourself.
It's about self-improvement.
Being better than you were, the day before!

The best thing about writing an online diary is that I don't care about my privacy. There are so many people who'd be reading, glancing, surfing through or just casually looking at my blog. Now, it doesn't matter for me, who's thinking what, there are so many of them. Now, it's time for this evening's post. On Friday evenings I write long posts about places and opinions. This evening's post is about the dilemma in me.

I've posted this on similar lines before.
I'm like a school-kid. Every morning, I don't want to go to office (really how many of us love to? :-)) I want to go home early. I don't want to wait for the conference call. I'm really bored with this job. Abhi, bahut slow chal raha hai.. I don't get the time on Fridays and so I'm not even able to go home for the weekend.

I've thought about this, I've taken advice and ultimately it comes to, "You should get married?". Is it the right time. A post on that later.

I don't have stability. More than that, I'm very impatient. I like to do my work fast and this place is so slow and my work is research oriented. I'm good at what I do, I feel so, but I'm not learning anything. Whatever work I've done here, I already knew it.

I'm a Content Developer and I've hardly done any Content Development work and as the project is in Research stages, I won't get a writing chance for a couple of months more.
The catch here is, the money is good, people are happy, however, I'm not doing any work related to my profile. My Profile is of a Content Developer and my actual work is of Online Researching. I'm an Online Researcher with the designation of a Content Developer. So now when I'd be applying to other companies for Content Development and allied positions, they'd be asking me about the work that I've done and if I tell them I was and I am doing Online Research work then where does Content Development come in the picture? Isn't it a catch?

A thought, I didn't keep it with myself. I've shared it!

The most important journey you may take in life is in meeting someone halfway through.

This is lovely...

Usko chaha bhi to iqraar na karna aaya
Kat gayi umr, hamein pyar na karna aaya
Usney maanga bhi agar kuch toh judaai maangi
Aur ek hum thay ke inkaar na karna aaya ...

Isn't it?

Rabindranath Tagore's Fruit-Gathering
Where roads are made I lose my way.
In the wide water, in the blue sky
there is no line of a track.

The pathway is hidden by the birds' wings, by the star-fires,
by the flowers of the wayfaring seasons.

And I ask my heart if its blood
carries the wisdom of the unseen way.

Wrote this post last evening. Putting it online.
Fortune changes if you stick it out.
An Italian air-hostess to an Indian housewife.
The widow of the Prime Minister of India to the Leader of Opposition.
Years of being branded a foreigner.
All that culminating in an evening that changed the political scenario of a nation.
Sonia Gandhi, very soon the Prime Minister of India.
Fortune favours the brave. It doesn't get bigger than this... the Prime Minister of India. Leading a nation of a billion plus people.
I've never been a Congress supported, still not one, however, one has to honour the collective psyche of the people of India.
Everywhere people have voted politicians out of power.
It's a vote for change.
I too, need a change!

Leave excess baggage behind. Think ahead. Don't bother about what happened.

A Zen story.

A long time ago, in China, there were two monks. A Master and his Disciple.
They had to go from one place to another and on their journey by foot, they came across a river to cross. As they were going to cross the river; a lovely, fair, beautiful girl with long hair, hazel eyes, innocent face, smooth arms, silken features approached them. She requested them to help her cross the river as there was no boatman.
The Zen Master went near her. He lifted her effortlessly, placed her on his shoulders and calmly crossed the river. He offered her his greetings and asked her whether she required help? The lovely girl paid her respect to them, said thank you and bid goodbye and they went their separate ways. All along, the Disciple was wondering and thinking about the beautiful girl with silken features. He did not speak a word with His Master. There were a lot of questions in his mind. He was questioning the commitment of His Master. His thoughts were on the teachings of His Master and he was thinking about His Master not preaching them and expecting others to follow. The Zen Master could find that there were questions in the mind of his Disciple. Late in the night, after a long and tiring journey across the countryside, the two of them settled down for dinner.

The Zen Master asked his Disciple, "Son, there are questions in your mind. Free your mind."
The Disciple answered, "Master, You've taught us about the practice of Zen Philosophy and all its great teachings. This morning you touched a girl, a beautiful, lovely, ravishing, enchanting girl. You not only touched her, you lifted her on your shoulders, touched her body and took her across the river. You tell us to follow the preachings and you don't practice them yourself? Why is it so? What wrong did I do that I have to abide by the rules, while you don't?"
The Zen Master smiled, "Son, I'm happy you told me the questions in your mind. Free your mind. I left that girl by the riverside. Why are you still carrying her?

Lovely story, isn't it. :-)

Never think about the consequences of yesterday. Always leave excess baggage behind.
Never think on someone else's behalf. Believe in yourself!

What do you think about this? You've a Zen story to share. Mail me.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

A Thought for the Moment!
Leave excess baggage behind!
What does it mean? A post on that very soon.
I'll illustrate that with a Zen story.

For the time-being I'm practicing the thought. Bhool jaaneka, raat gayi, baat gayi..

Thoughts on the surprising election results!
It's an inti-incumbency wave across India. The Congress has a very good chance of forming the government. Not one exit poll predicted this scenario. No astrologer could have predicted this. Ultimately the final verdict is that, Yeh public hai... yeh sab jaanti hai! This is the magic of Indian Democracy. Even Congress wouldn't have thought that they would be in this position. All those safely and firmly ensconced (settled) in their chairs are being thrown out. Ram Naik has lost in Bombay. The people have had enough, paanch saal kaam kiya, nahin kiya, pata nahin, ab bahar jaane ka time aa gaya hai... doosre ko chance do!

Ek garam chai ki pyaali ho...koi usko pilane waali ho...
Chahe gori ho ya kali ho...
Seene se lagaane waali ho... :-)

I need a 'Jaadu Ki Jhappi'
Yeh, Jaadu ki Jhappi kya cheez hai?
Jaadu ki Jhappi jaadu hai, pyaar hai, bharosa hai, himmat hai, dosti hai.
It is a magical hug. It is hope, courage, encouragement, a tap on the shoulder saying "Don't worry! Things will be alright!"

There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you want to pull them out from the depth of your dreams and give them a hug from the bottom of your heart. A lovely saying I'd read somewhere!

Yahan Hyderabad mai second hand books kahan milta hai?
In Pune there are lots of places, so too in Bombay, even in Bangalore lots of low-priced books available for sale on M.G. Road. In Hyderabad, I don't of any such place. Is it at Abids? Let me know!

I want to read from this link today.
Poems of Rabindranath Tagore

Congress ahead in early trends. Congress ahead in 204+ and NDA in 194. Yeh kya ho raha hai...all the Exit poll predictions are going haywire. This is less than expected for NDA. In Karnataka, Congress is losing in the Assembly elections. In Andhra Pradesh Congress has won the Assembly elections, so is it an anti-incumbency vote. Agar hai...to kya Sonia Gandhi Prime Minister ban jaayegi. Btw, why am I writing about Politics. As long as any party comes to power, though, I'd prefer the BJP, there should be progress. Baaki sab first class!

Lovely Poem.
Off it goes!
Away it floats!
The lazy load
Of my idle hours
In my playfully made
~ Rabindranath Tagore
Don't you think so?
Hey, I want to learn Bengali! To read and understand Rabindranath Tagore's poems! The original Bengali version, not the English translations! Anyone out there, wanna teach me Bengali?

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Thought for Today.
I've seen my chances come and go
how they escape me I'll never know
I've had the answers there in my hand
now that I understand.
~ Michael Learns to Rock (Title: Something Right, Album: Colours)

What have I done since morning?
Mailed the latest advertisements for freshers. Found information about question paper patterns of various companies. Mailed various links to Punit. Found information about free newsfeeds. Checked the web blog of Google. Checked Blog Search Engines like daypop, feedster and technorati. Read news online: The defeat of Chandrababu Naidu, YSR to be the next CM of Andhra Pradesh, Lok Sabha results to be declared by tomorrow evening. Surfed various web sites. Checked some random blogs. I am reading the lyrics of Michael Learns to Rock.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Read a nice article on Web Authoring.
Ten Tips on Writing the Living Web by Mark Bernstein

People say I need to put on weight. I feel otherwise. I don't need to put on weight. Although as per the height to weight ratio, my height is 174 cms. so my weight should be 74 kilograms, which it isn't now. It is 66 kilograms, I suppose.
I need to tone myself. I don't want to join a gym. The simplest way for me is to go for a jog daily. I need company for that. Anyone in Hyderabad/Secunderabad who wants to come with me for a daily morning jog?

A question of Identity. I go to the Dhaba near our office for lunch. This afternoon I'd been to the Dhaba for lunch. I was talking with Salman, the attendant and he asked me whether I was from UP. A post about this question of identities.
I'm tall, I speak good Hindi, I eat in a typically North Indian way, spicy food, dal, rotis, lassi, pyaaj etc. So, it becomes very difficult for people to make out that I'm from Pune, Maharashtra or that I'm a Gujarati. This is so because people have stereotyped notions of communities. Gujjus means they don't eat spicy, Maharashtrians means they have a different way of speaking Hindi and so on. In a way, its good for me. I've been mistaken for a Bengali, a Sindhi. People have told me that I'm from Delhi, from Haryana, from Bihar. It feels good. You can be what you want to be. That has also to do with how people perceive you in a certain situation.

Chandrababu Naidu is out of power. Congress has won an absolute majority in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. Reasons for Chandrababu Naidu's defeat. The anti-incumbency factor, need for a change, the promise of Congress to give free electricity to farmers, to waive off their power dues, the constant drought in Andhra Pradesh, the development of Hyderabad and the backwardness of other cities. Many factors worth thinking about.
A few questions? What will be the fate of Hyderabad. Will development suffer? Will the populist measures promised by Congress be fulfilled? How will the question of Telangana be tackled by the Congress? What implications will the defeat on Chandrababu Naidu have on other CMs? Does this mean that Chief Ministers should work for rural development because that is what matters and that's where the votes come from!It is a landslide win for the Congress. Let's hope for the best. I have never been a Congress supporter. Hope Hyderabad does prosper. Five years is a long time and if Congress does not step ahead on the development of Hyderabad then other cities will overtake it in terms of progress.
One final question, ultimately does IT pay? Did e-governance benefit Chandrababu Naidu?
Why did Chandrababu Naidu lose? Anyone interested in Andhra Pardesh politics who can provide other reasons, apart from the ones mentioned above. Let me know your views.

I've changed the blog template. Also added BlogChalk and Comments.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Election Results Tomorrow. Will it be NDA? Will Chandrababu Naidu win? Who will win in Pune? Wait till tomorrow evening. NDTV to keep a track of the latest election results.

Google Zeitgeist


My Answers...

1. Rahul Dravid
2. Shahrukh Khan
3. Katrina Kaif
4. Bombay / Bangalore
5. Haystack!

What are yours?

Ringtones in my cell phone.

I have downloaded the following ringtones in my cell phone.

Main Hoon Na, Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Kya Haal, Allah Ke Bande Hasde, Woh Ladki Bahut Yaad Aati Hai, Bombay Se Aaya Mera Dost, Khaike Paan Banaraswala and Kal Ho Na Ho.

Which ones do you have?

Blogchalking is a medium for helping search engines to index web blogs.

This is my blogchalk:
India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Secunderabad.
English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi.
Chirayu, Male, 27
Writing, Reading, Net Surfing, Poetry, Teaching, Trekking, Running, Cricket. :-)
Also, read my BlogChalk on the right-hand side of this page.

I'm reading Poetry quotes from Brainy Quote.

Most probably, I'll be taking a holiday tomorrow. Why? Aise hi! I'll visit Golconda fort tomorrow. If I don't have any company, I'll go alone! Then, I'll go to Prasads for a Movie. Let's see whether I implement the above.
I'm feeling sleepy!

A Thought for Today.

Not all who wander are lost.
~ J.R.R. Tolkien

A saying with a few words having great depth, isn't it!

Jeevan behta hi jaata hai
Gati ka ek sahara hai
Ab boond nahin ek dhara hai
Phoote patthar ki kara hai

Remembered a poem I'd learnt in school. It's nice, isn't it.
In short, it means, speed is the essence of life. Keep on moving in life!

Phatela jeb sil jaayega
Jo chahega mil jaayega
Tere bhi din aayenge chhote
Acchha khasa hil jaayega
Rukne ka Nahin, Thakne Ka Nahin
Life mai Chalte Rehne Ka!!!

A song from the film, 'Aankhen' that has lyrics on similar lines to the poem above.
The essence of life is to keep moving.

It's 09:48 a.m. on a Monday morning in Secunderabad. It's sunny out here. I'm in office, typing this! Another day at work, or should I say, another day of routine. All our life is routine. I want to do something different. I want to do something with my life. This job is making me comfortably numb. So far, the money is good, for me! I have a regular 9 am to 7/8 pm job. Work for five days a week, two days of holidays and then the same cycle again. Wait till the end of the month for the salary, feel happy for sometime with the pay packet at the end of the month and then the same routine, Monday to Friday, morning to evening! Mujhe Change Chahiye!!! Any suggestions, any ideas, any thoughts, any advice for me?
People will say join a class, do some part-time work, learn something new, or else just be happy with what you have and enjoy life! Lekin...wohi to panga hai..I don't know how to enjoy life and the primary (that's too American, isn't it), the main reason is that I don't have any Company! Mere koi friends nahin hai.. in a way, everyone is my friend, I get along very well with most people, however, I don't have a friend or friends! People with whom I can spend time, hang out, or just talk!
Now, this is a very dull way of writing. The question here should be, "Why am I asking someone else for advice?" "Don't I know what do I want to do with my Life?" I do know.
I'm caught in a cycle which is making me very happy and easy! I think I need a change of city. I need to go to Bombay. Rush to work... rush back home... life Fast ho jaayegaa...lekin yahan pe acchha job hai...sort of aaraam ka zindagi hai... although, still it's a question of posting a few CVs and appearing for some tests/interviews to go to another job. I'll decide about it and yes, I'll write a post on that!

This is just random writing. I'm writing what I feel like.

If I had a Holiday today and the setting was perfect and then what would I have done today.

Or let's put it this way... what do I want to do!

I want to play cricket.
I want to take Sanchit on my bike for a ride!
I want to go to a fort. No, I want to go to Sinhagad fort and watch the calm water of Khadakwasla lake down below. Breeze blowing, the wind on my face, a summer afternoon with a slightly overcast sky, a few birds flying in the sky...
I want to go to Bottles & Chimney for an afternoon lunch! Anyone for Company!
I want to feel the sweat on my forehead, running down my cheeks.
I want my vest sweat-soaked.
I want to feel energetic. I want to do exercise. Either running or playing cricket.
I want do do some physical exercise.

I want to be with children. I am happiest when I'm with kids, teaching them, playing with them! I really feel haapy! Punit tells me, "Chirayu, you don't have any friends. Your best friend is Sanchit!" Sanchit is Badamikar Aunty's son. He is studying in Pune in the third standard!!! Whenever, I'm in Pune, I always take him for a ride, buy chocolates for him! I feel happy!

I've thought about this. I'm happiest when I'm making others happy! Whether it's giving chocolates to Ganga & Ramesh at the Peddammagudi Temple on Jubilee Hills or going for a bike ride with Sanchit in Pune or giving fruits to Arshad. The smile on their face makes me happy!

The best profession for me would be Teaching Children and I know that. I can be a very good teacher. I'm very good at explianing things to people. I can explain in a simple way with easy to understand examples, and I'll be very good at teaching! This is what I want to do! However, teaching diesn't pay! It does,
in the long run.

The plan here for me should be to take some Times of India organised NIE (Newspaper in Education) classes or else take a part-time teaching assignments like coaching classes, MBA Entrance classes. I might think about that. I already have an offer for that.

Still, every evening, I feel like going home, going to Pune. Take a job there.
Yeh, chal kya raha hai yaar! I need to straighten my thought process. Decide what I want to do and do it. If I want to leave this job and go to Pune then go, or else If I want to continue here and then find another job, either in Pune or Mumbai or Bangalore and then leave, then do that or else do nothing be happy with what I have and progress here and yes, there are lots of chances for me to progress here, provided I stick to this job, and that will be a big thing for me, If I do that.

Every day is long for me...time nahin jaata hai... I really need to do something!
It is up to me to do what I want. People can say, guide, advice, give their opinions. Ultimately, it's my life and I have to decide and at the same time, I've to see to it and alongwith my life so many other lives are joined, Mummy, Pappa, Punit, Achal and I don't have to make them sad or unhappy. Right now, everyone is happy, I've a good job, I'm earning well...so the case rests here.... not much achieved by writing so many paragraphs.

It's a way of putting my thoughts. Instead of keeping it to myself or not sharing it with anyone, I'm writing it down and making it public!
Enough for now. All these are random ramblings!
Hey, if any of your guys n'gals read this and can make something out of this and would like to share your views, you're most welcome! Back to work, for now!
Bye for now! Have a Nice Day and Have a Good week ahead! Cheers!