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Thursday, May 20, 2004

I've to check a lot of links from these links. I've to do things fast.
There is a lot of time for me, however, it's my nature, I can't work slow. If I work, I work fast. It is like submission.

Have I ever given 100% to my work. No, so far never.
I hate to work. I really do. The only person I want to work for, is myself!

The only time, I remember, I'd poured myself 100% in work was when I was doing the Japanese Project web site of Seed Infotech (for free). I remember having worked for 10 days at a stretch. I was always at work, almost 24*7 and that too without any remuneration, on my own computer, using my internet connection and money. Why? Because I wanted to do it!

It is so easy when I 'want' to and so difficult when I 'have' to.

The other time, I'd put in more than 100% percent was a long time back, when I was in 10th class. I'd read, re-read and re-reread the Hindi textbook 'n' number of times. Why? I liked the subject. I enjoyed the classes of Karkaria Sir and I got 'just' results for that. I scored 84 out of 100 in Hindi.

I still remember one of the Dohas of Kabir, if I'm not mistaken, that Karkaria Sir had mentioned in his class.

Karat karat abhyaas ke
Jadmati hot sujaan
Rassi aavat jaavat hai
Shil par padat nishaan

By keeping on learning
You increase your knowledge
Just as a rope (in a well) goes and comes
And even the Stone gets scratched (gets marks)

I'll post some interesting college stories (junior college) online. Why later, let me do it right now.

I was in 11th class (First year of Junior college). The classes commenced in the last week of July and by the second week of September, I hadn't attended one Lecture of English. One fine day I went for the English lecture. Why? It was in my fav. classroom. A-7. One could get a clear view of the cricket ground from the bench near the window. So I sat there. While taking attendance, the professor called my number and I said, "Present Sir". After all those absent marks 'A's' the professor was surprised to mark a 'P'. He asked me, "Are you attending my class for the first time". I answered, "Yes Sir!" "Where were you?" "In this college!" and the whole class burst out laughing. The Prof. didn't say anything and continued with his class. After taking the attendance, he told us to read a poem, if I recollect correctly it was Subramanya Bharati's poem. Then, he pointed to me, "You there! Have you read the poem?" "Yes Sir!" "Explain what you've understood!" The poem was about patriotism. I stood up and gave an explanation of the first two paragraphs. The Professor was suitably impressed and he asked me to sit and I answered back :-), "I've explained only two paragraphs, let me complete my explanation!" And the whole class was silent! I explained the poem then I sat. I did attend his lectures. He got to know my lastname. I scored among the top 3 in English that semester. Minor matters. It made me a small-time 'Hero' in my class. "Arre, Chirayu, guts yaar, kya sunaya hai usko" something on those lines. I recollect this incident. Shared it online. Although that didn't make me popular enough with the girls :-p. Maybe, I was too shy in college. No, not exactly. Wasn't shy. Too straight-forward! I still am! :-) (Who'd like to disagree? :-)) Go to college, attend lectures, or else sit in the library or else play cricket or else sometimes go to the canteen, go back home.

Now, I'm sort of 'Bindaas'. Kisi ka dar nahin hai. I speak my mind and I really do it. Because someone says it is right, it doesn't always have to be! If I know, I'm right and I am able to explain why I am, to duniya ek taraf aur mai ek taraf, panga nahin... and even in matters of job (change), agar mujhe kuch aur karna hai...and I've a reason to convince 'myself' (I have a hundred reasons, right now! :-)), I'll do it!

Random rumblings. Enough of it. Yeh train to chalta hi rahega...
Btw, speaking about trains, a train of thoughts, a humorous thought..."The Indian Economy is on the right tracks with the nomination of Manmohan Singh for the PM's post. Now, it's time for the train to get moving and pick speed, the BJP has already got it started!"

Save another college story for the next time.

Btw, I wanted to post this and I ended up posting the above story! :-)
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