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Saturday, May 15, 2004

A short poem, call it a six-liner!

Standing outside the house
The cool breeze on my face
The faint whistle of leaves
The headlights of a car passing by
It's 1 am in the morning
I'm waiting for a star to appear in the sky...

This is not exactly a Haiku.

I'd written a lot of four-liners last year. Have an entire page to that. Check this link of Random Musings. They should come naturally. You don't have to sit waiting for a four-liner to write...it's spontaneoues and I remember a rainy evening in Bangalore, last year when I'd written most of these four-liners.
Bangalore made me a poet! :-)
Hyderabad, I'm frustrated and cribbing a lot. No. I'm not cribbing, I'm frustrated, as I'm not happy with the job. Well, somedays, I am, sometimes, I'm not!
I feel like drinking and sleeping. Lekin, problem yeh hai ki 8-10 peg tak apne ko chadthi hi nahin hai :-))
I don't drink often, you may say, I'm a social drinker. I make it a point to be always in my senses. A couple of weeks back at an office party, I'd only two pegs. The best thing is, I can leave drinking anytime. If I want to, I won't drink from today, however, I've not yet been able to convince myself, with a strong enough reason for not drinking. Besides that, it's occasional, so chalta hai.

I've not eaten mangoes for so many years now.
Almost 8 plus years. There's an interesting story to that.
India lost the 1996 Cricket World Cup Semi-final to Sri Lanka in March 1996. (13th March 1996, yes, I remember the date!). Then, I told myself, I wouldn't eat mangoes till India Wins the World Cup!!! :-)
Let's see, how long can I stay without eating mangoes, a couple of months, a year and time went by and its more than eight years and I haven't eaten any mangoes and now I don't feel like eating too (for those of you finicky with details, boss, I'm talking about Alphonso, Badam, Ratnagiri, Langda and other Mangoes, ripe mangoes, not raw ones). An interesting story, and, I haven't made it up. :-)

Sometimes, I feel, I'll eat mangoes, only after I'm 76 years of age, that's when India will win the Cricket world cup and then I'll die of Diabetes!!!! :-) :-) I do hope India wins the 2007 Cricket World Cup to be held in the West Indies. Last year, we'd a very good chance of winning, however, the Aussies proved too good for us. I'm looking forward to the Australia in India October 2004 Cricket Series. That will be an interesting series.

Cellphone costs a lot of money. My cellphone expenses have increased. When I didn't have a cellphone, I used to call home, once a week. Now, I do so almost daily, and, I don't even have a girl friend and I'm not yet engaged. After that, I guess, I'll have to spare 25% of my salary for cellphone expenses! :-)
Read my poem, Ode to an Electronic Leech.

I'm enjoying writing my diary. Earlier, I used to feel, I should be conservative in writing, not too opinionated, now, I feel, it's my space and I can express what I want to! I'll be true to myself! Although, I prefer, not to use any swear words, as I normally don't in real life, unless I'm too happy or plain frustrated, or if there is company that uses swear words every two sentences, and I don't have that kind of a company.

I feel writing has to be simple, precise and clear. Small sentences. Short paragraphs. Easy to understand. And those people who use swear words in writing, show a lack of vocabulary, unless, it's in quoting someone or if they use it to depict reality. Like, for example, if it's a war movie you cannot delete the expletives. It's a war movie, shaadi mai nahin aaya hai!

I'm trying to find an article I'd written on Bombay Hindi. It is somewhere in one of my mailboxes. If I find it, I'll post it.

Also, a post on Google Search very soon. I keep on explaining various Google tips n'tricks to people in office. Why not write a post on that itself! I'll write it!

In the pipeline (now, that's such a Hackneyed business word, Seedha bol naa yaar!) is a post on an arranged marriage and the kind of a girl I'm looking for :-) Sounds interesting? Doesn't it?

I've written a lot. Wohi to panga hai... mere Naukri mai writing ka profile rehke writing ka kaam nahin hai, isliye mai Saturday office mai aake (this is the first time, ok, the 2nd time, I'm in office on a Saturday) likh raha hu.

I'm in office, on a Saturday, to post my profile on a matrimonial website, plus check a few job sites. However, I'm checking my mails and writing my Blog! It's 12:25 p.m. I didn't have a bath yesterday, I haven't had one today, there's no electricity at home since morning and no water.

Have I had enough of writing, no I haven't.
I need good company (online, offline). Intelligent, mature and practical company.
I've never been good at discussing things, esspecially talking about myself!
I'm good at talking about ideas, places, thoughts, hopes, politics, cricket, films, religion, writing, poetry and so many other things. I don't like to talk about what did this person say and what did that person say. That is why, in most of the office conversations, if it's personal, I don't take part. Who are we to form an opinion on someone? Here's a good quote on this point, "Just because someone is not living the life, you expect them to live, that doesn't mean they're wrong." "If someone is not on your path, doesn't mean that person is on the wrong path." Although, if it gets personal we get opinionated. Everyone does. I to do. So the golden line is, We should never take the trouble of thinking on someone else's behalf!

Time for a Thought for Today!
The fear of suffering, is worse than the suffering itself!

How true, isn't it?
This line is taken from 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. I've read this book more than three times, I could've read it even more, now it is with Limkar uncle (landlord) and he's in London.
Read my favourite quotes from 'The Alchemist'
Have a nice day, a nice evening and a very nice late evening and a great weekend!
Bye for now!
Cheers! Chirayu