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Saturday, February 02, 2008

An Interesting Read: Determining Search Intent

An interesting article on SearchEngineLand that talks of approaches to find search intent.

- Should a user on an e-commerce shopping web site get a recommendation (related/see more/find more/you may find these interesting/learn more/get more products, etc) based on what a certain category of users have tried and liked


- Should a user be made to view choices and recommendations based on personal search trends/search history

# Search intent to be based on Wisdom of the Crowds or Personal Preferences is what this article talks about.

Determining search intent through wisdom of the crowds or through an individual's preferences through personal search trends.

# Web sites related to the above hyperlink:
- Baynote.com - Wisdom of the Crowds
- VortexDna - Personal preferences as a guide to online content.