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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Writing has to be fluent and effortless, like running water.
In writing, as in life, speed is of essence.
How true, isn't it! And still all our life is filled with details, analysis, graphs, charts, bar-diagrams, excel worksheets and what not.
I hate meetings, instead of discussing how to do a thing for 30 mins. I'd like to do that in 30 mins! :-)

A lovely quote on this. I love this quote.

I like to learn.
I don't like to be taught!

You have interesting thoughts to share. Let me know.

Two-lines from a poem, 'Jeevan behta hi jaata hai' by Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar'.

Pyaase ko bin parse punya nahin milta paani ko
Yaachak ka aashish liye bin swarg nahin milta daani ko

Water does not get blessings unless it quenches the thirst of someone
Without taking the blessings of a supplicant (one who prays humbly), a donor does not find heaven.

I'd translate the second line as, A seeker does not find heaven without the blessings of a needy person.
That means, help people why help God!