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Monday, May 17, 2004

Last night we'd taken Dadi out to dinner. We went to Quality Inn Residency at Nampally. There was a Jain food festival going on and so we thought that would be the best place to take her as she doesn't eat onions and garlic. We'd planned to go to 'Utsav' at Secunderabad. However, it was raining and Secunderabad would have been too far, so Achal called up one of his friend's and he informed us about this food festival. Dadi enjoyed the food. There were lots of varieties. I don't like Buffets as there is so much to eat and I don't like to take bits n pieces of everything. I'd prefer a meal with two-three sabjis, rather than fifteen different items kept for you and by the time you've tasted five different items, you're full. Dadi enjoyed the evening and it was the first time we'd taken her out since she came to Hyderabad a couple of weeks ago. Next week, Parul and Abhishek are going to come from Bangalore and we've planned to book an A/c. Scorpio for the weekend. Next week we'll take Dadi for dinner to 'Utsav'. Talking about food, I'm very bad at waiting for food. So far, I cannot recollect waiting outside a particular restaurant, because it is full and I want to eat there. Never! I like to try different places. I'm happy If I get Roti and Sabzi :-) alongwith pyaaj.