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Thursday, May 13, 2004

A Thought for the Moment!
Leave excess baggage behind!
What does it mean? A post on that very soon.
I'll illustrate that with a Zen story.

For the time-being I'm practicing the thought. Bhool jaaneka, raat gayi, baat gayi..

Thoughts on the surprising election results!
It's an inti-incumbency wave across India. The Congress has a very good chance of forming the government. Not one exit poll predicted this scenario. No astrologer could have predicted this. Ultimately the final verdict is that, Yeh public hai... yeh sab jaanti hai! This is the magic of Indian Democracy. Even Congress wouldn't have thought that they would be in this position. All those safely and firmly ensconced (settled) in their chairs are being thrown out. Ram Naik has lost in Bombay. The people have had enough, paanch saal kaam kiya, nahin kiya, pata nahin, ab bahar jaane ka time aa gaya hai... doosre ko chance do!