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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Chandrababu Naidu is out of power. Congress has won an absolute majority in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. Reasons for Chandrababu Naidu's defeat. The anti-incumbency factor, need for a change, the promise of Congress to give free electricity to farmers, to waive off their power dues, the constant drought in Andhra Pradesh, the development of Hyderabad and the backwardness of other cities. Many factors worth thinking about.
A few questions? What will be the fate of Hyderabad. Will development suffer? Will the populist measures promised by Congress be fulfilled? How will the question of Telangana be tackled by the Congress? What implications will the defeat on Chandrababu Naidu have on other CMs? Does this mean that Chief Ministers should work for rural development because that is what matters and that's where the votes come from!It is a landslide win for the Congress. Let's hope for the best. I have never been a Congress supporter. Hope Hyderabad does prosper. Five years is a long time and if Congress does not step ahead on the development of Hyderabad then other cities will overtake it in terms of progress.
One final question, ultimately does IT pay? Did e-governance benefit Chandrababu Naidu?
Why did Chandrababu Naidu lose? Anyone interested in Andhra Pardesh politics who can provide other reasons, apart from the ones mentioned above. Let me know your views.