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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Blue Red Yellow Blue Green Red

What do these words and colours signify?
Not much, think again!

Now juxtapose these with GOOGLE

Do these words ring a bell?

Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red are the colours of the Google Logo. The world's most famous logo, atleast for me.

How to remember it.

Simple, I remember it as Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red.
Another way is to remember it as 'brybgr'
Bill Recommends You Bother Google Regularly'

Cool, isn't it! :-)

For Gmail the colours are in the same format.

Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green


Interesting, isn't it!

This will make a very good quiz question.

With which company would you associate these colours?
Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red