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Friday, May 14, 2004

The best thing about writing an online diary is that I don't care about my privacy. There are so many people who'd be reading, glancing, surfing through or just casually looking at my blog. Now, it doesn't matter for me, who's thinking what, there are so many of them. Now, it's time for this evening's post. On Friday evenings I write long posts about places and opinions. This evening's post is about the dilemma in me.

I've posted this on similar lines before.
I'm like a school-kid. Every morning, I don't want to go to office (really how many of us love to? :-)) I want to go home early. I don't want to wait for the conference call. I'm really bored with this job. Abhi, bahut slow chal raha hai.. I don't get the time on Fridays and so I'm not even able to go home for the weekend.

I've thought about this, I've taken advice and ultimately it comes to, "You should get married?". Is it the right time. A post on that later.

I don't have stability. More than that, I'm very impatient. I like to do my work fast and this place is so slow and my work is research oriented. I'm good at what I do, I feel so, but I'm not learning anything. Whatever work I've done here, I already knew it.

I'm a Content Developer and I've hardly done any Content Development work and as the project is in Research stages, I won't get a writing chance for a couple of months more.
The catch here is, the money is good, people are happy, however, I'm not doing any work related to my profile. My Profile is of a Content Developer and my actual work is of Online Researching. I'm an Online Researcher with the designation of a Content Developer. So now when I'd be applying to other companies for Content Development and allied positions, they'd be asking me about the work that I've done and if I tell them I was and I am doing Online Research work then where does Content Development come in the picture? Isn't it a catch?

A thought, I didn't keep it with myself. I've shared it!