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Friday, May 14, 2004

Leave excess baggage behind. Think ahead. Don't bother about what happened.

A Zen story.

A long time ago, in China, there were two monks. A Master and his Disciple.
They had to go from one place to another and on their journey by foot, they came across a river to cross. As they were going to cross the river; a lovely, fair, beautiful girl with long hair, hazel eyes, innocent face, smooth arms, silken features approached them. She requested them to help her cross the river as there was no boatman.
The Zen Master went near her. He lifted her effortlessly, placed her on his shoulders and calmly crossed the river. He offered her his greetings and asked her whether she required help? The lovely girl paid her respect to them, said thank you and bid goodbye and they went their separate ways. All along, the Disciple was wondering and thinking about the beautiful girl with silken features. He did not speak a word with His Master. There were a lot of questions in his mind. He was questioning the commitment of His Master. His thoughts were on the teachings of His Master and he was thinking about His Master not preaching them and expecting others to follow. The Zen Master could find that there were questions in the mind of his Disciple. Late in the night, after a long and tiring journey across the countryside, the two of them settled down for dinner.

The Zen Master asked his Disciple, "Son, there are questions in your mind. Free your mind."
The Disciple answered, "Master, You've taught us about the practice of Zen Philosophy and all its great teachings. This morning you touched a girl, a beautiful, lovely, ravishing, enchanting girl. You not only touched her, you lifted her on your shoulders, touched her body and took her across the river. You tell us to follow the preachings and you don't practice them yourself? Why is it so? What wrong did I do that I have to abide by the rules, while you don't?"
The Zen Master smiled, "Son, I'm happy you told me the questions in your mind. Free your mind. I left that girl by the riverside. Why are you still carrying her?

Lovely story, isn't it. :-)

Never think about the consequences of yesterday. Always leave excess baggage behind.
Never think on someone else's behalf. Believe in yourself!

What do you think about this? You've a Zen story to share. Mail me.