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Friday, May 21, 2004

This morning's post is about friends and acquaintances in Bangalore.

I was in Bangalore last year from 29th Jan. to 1st Aug. (What can I do, I'm very good at remembering dates and numbers! :-))

Zaheer: How can I forget Zaheer! I'm not in touch with him, he isn't, I am! He's in Bombay, I suppose! We were room-partners for six months. He did his own thing and I did mine. We shared a common passion, 'Reading' and that was enough for both of us! :-)
He used to read a lot. He used to get 'The Hindu', I got 'The ToI', sometimes it was the other way round. Whenever we were in the room, either both of us were reading, or else he used to discuss about his girl, 'Ladli'. Zaheer is from Pune. His relatives are from Kolkata. 'Ladli' is from Kolkata. Zaheer, had taken three weeks off and he'd been to Kolkata to win over 'Ladli'. There were differences of opinions with her parents. 'Ladli' is from Nadia district of West Bengal, a place near Kolkata. Her parents wanted Zaheer to settle in Kolkata and take up a Government job! It was their way of thinking!

(Rural people find security in that, maybe! I've not seen enough of rural India to make such a sweeping statement! I really want to see rural India! A post on that later. Taking technology to rural India and about my dream!)

To continue with the above, a govt. job is secure, its in Kolkata and we don't want to send our girl to Bangalore. That was their reasoning. Zaheer, on the other hand mentioned about his job, he was earning fair enough, he'd keep her happy and they'd live comfortably. I remember the time he came back from Kolkata, it was almost at this time (third week of May, last year), he was so upset and he talked about everything with me, how they fell in love, what are his plans, what do her parents think, what does he want to do and many other things. He wanted to elope with her, she was ready. He planned to get married in Bangalore. Then, after a lot of persuasion, he got over that. He used to consider me as an elder brother and always used to ask for guidance!

(Sometimes, I felt, I'm myself looking for guidance and people are asking me for advice!. It's that way. Even in Pune, in my society, people have looked up to me. Ask Chirayu for advice. That's a problem sometimes, When you want a hand on your shoulder and you find no one and everyone comes to you with their problems, hopes, fears!. A separate post on that)

To continue with Zaheer, after I left Bangalore, I'd given a call to Zaheer and he'd mentioned that he'd been to Kolkata, once again, for two weeks, extended till four weeks, putting his job at stake, still her parents didn't agree and they were at the same point as during his last visit, that of settling in Kolkata and taking a government job. After that when I'd called Zaheer in Feb. this year, he told me he'd be moving to Mumbai. I'd received a mail from him in March, he's in Mumbai. I've sent him a lot of mails after that, haven't yet received any replies from him!

So Zaheer, if you're reading this, "Kya bolta hai, Bhai!" - My favourite words for you! Even when I hadn't called you for a long time and I mentioned these words, you instantly recognized my voice! Please keep in touch and mail me your contact number!
I'll meet you when I'm in Bombay. Hope you're able to meet your uncles frequently in Pune, as you're working in Bombay!

Each interaction with an individual is a learning experience.
Zaheer, used to tell me that he's learnt a lot from me.

What did I learn from Zaheer!
I learnt patience, patience to wait at the bus-stop! (was never good at that, still am not, why to worry, I've my bike here in Hyderabad) I travelled a lot by bus in Bangalore. Still remember the bus routes, 164 and 166 from Shivajinagar to BTM Layout.
Sometimes, I used to change three buses, on my way back home from office. BTM Layout to Koramangala Water Tank (202), from there to Shivajinagar (164, 166), from Shivajinagar to J.C. Nagar (107,112,272,284 and many others). I must say, Bangalore buses are very good and very cheap (as in reasonable). I've already written a post about that earlier.

Milind from Pune. Colleague in Bangalore.
I shared good times with him. He used to tell me, "Chirayu, you're too dominating, why are you trying to change things overnight. If you want you can lead people to the moon (yes, he really told me that) (I appreciate your very kind words, Milind and I still remember them! :-) thanks Brother!) but people resist change and they won't take to it kindly. He used to reason out and make practical suggestions, instead of the drastic ones that I used to have.

Where is Milind? No idea? That's the problem! I'm too fast in connecting with people, because I have access to online facilities and use it to my advantage. However, people sometimes, because of work or habit don't prefer that.
Milind, kabhi to mail kiya kar yaar! What's your Pune number? Are you in Pune or as you'd mentioned have you taken a job in Bombay? Mail me.

More about Bangalore (especially about 'Aslambhai', never spoke a word with him, except for a stray Hi sometime, still very interesting, must read, not now!), later on!

I've got to complete something by 1 pm. Is it a deadline at work? No, not at all! I've set this task for myself as I want to go home early! Every Friday, I write this, about going home early and I never go! :-)

So, more about friends, later on!