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Saturday, May 22, 2004

This is to continue with my post of 21st May on Bangalore.

Aslambhai: Aslambhai was the most regular customer at the netcafe that I used to frequent at JC Nagar in Bangalore. Aslambhai's favourite activity was listening to songs online from http://www.musicindiaonline.com/ He used to listen to the latest hits. His all-time favourite was (I think it still is!)
"Kabhi mujhko hasaaye
Kabhi mujhko rulaaye
Mujhe kitna sataati hai
Woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai
Woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai"
from Qayamat.

He used to keep on playing this song again and again and again.

Whenever, Aslambhai was at the netcafe, this song was on. Besides this he used to Chat on Yahoo, play Yahoo Games and talk on his cellphone in a typical Bangalorian 'Muslim' Hindi way. Bangalore's Hindi is different from Hyderabad's Hindi. In Bangalore they use a lot of 'Patthey' as they use 'Bhai' in Hyderabad. Bangalore people use 'Da' a lot. As in, 'What da!'.
Here is a link to an entertaining, humorous Shayari in Bangalore Hindi.

Whenever the song, "Woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai" plays on TV, I remember Aslambhai!

Amaan, a partner at the netcafe, used to play "I live my Life for you" and "Hotel California" a lot of times.