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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Saturday morning went to Ameerpet to drop Arpee to her class. Went with Achal to pay the electricity bill and then to the TVS Sales and Service Office at Somajiguda. On the way back, had Nariyal Paani and after a long, long time ate Jackfruit (Phanas).

Sunday: Took Dadi to Apollo Hospital alongwith Achal and Arpee for a routine check-up.

Everything is normal, almost. Her Cholesterol level has increased. That is because of eating outside a lot of times, plus having sweets, ice-cream and colddrinks. Not her fault! It's up to us to take care!

A suggestion to the people who give the reports. Please mention the full-forms of the abbreviations mentioned in the reports and there are a lot of them. How do you expect people to understand the meaning of the report unless you give easy to understand guidelines.
Like for example, they've given LDL is some 'x' and the range is this.
So you check it out and find whether LDL is above, below or at the required level. That is fine.
Lekin, Mamu yeh LDL kya hai?
So it was time for my 'Friendly-Global Search Engine, Google' to make an appearance.

As usual, Google didn't disappoint me, it never does! :-)
LDL is Low Density LipoProtein Cholesterol.

So my suggestion to the Hospital authorities is, please mention the full-forms of all the abbreviations mentioned in your reports, and you'd require a separate page for that. Doctors aren't the only ones who read the reports. Okay, Doctors read, understand and analyze the reports, however others too are interested in reading the reports.

So, I suggest a course in Usability Guidelines for these people.

Also, some colour formatting would be helpful, like we do in our excel sheets.
Red is very high, Maroon is above average, blue is normal, yellow or green (for better visbility) is below average. So that makes its easy to read and understand! Yes, they'd have to spend on the color-ink cartridge and also train the data-entry operators in 'Color-Formatting!' :-)