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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Who will be the New PM of India? How long will the government last. What does it have in store for me as a young, working professional? Questions in my mind. Why am I thinking about it. Did I care for the elections. Yes, I did (I couldn't vote as I was in Hyderabad and my vote is in Pune), however, the people of India, didn't and voted the NDA out-of-power. I won't say they voted the Congress to power. Now, the NDA should acccept their defeat gracefully, if Sonia Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister or else, if they feel they have a chance, depends on what permutations and combinations happen in these two days, then they too should stake a claim for forming the government. However, do they have the strength. Very unlikely. Most probably, after a lot of drama, it will be the Congress and the so-called coalition in power with Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister. What do you say?