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Friday, May 28, 2004

I want an Orkut Invitation. Yes, an Orkut Invitation.
Orkut is a social networking site from Google.
Anyone who'd like to invite me?

I don't have a Gmail Invite to swap.
I had two invites. That was in the first week of May and out of those two, one has been utilized the other hasn't! (What a waste of precious resource!) I should have sent it to someone else!

Are there only two Gmail invites? Not more? Or are the invites available on a monthly basis? I'd received two Gmail Invites to send to my friends. That was in the first week of May. Hope I get two more in the first week of June.

The craze for Gmail is picking up like anything.
People are advertising on eBay, there's a separate Gmail Swap web site. This is amazing!

Read this article, an old one, 29 June 2003. Is Google God?

I want to work with Google! I really want to! It is one of my dreams!
They're starting a Customer Support and Marketing Center in Hyderabad. I'll explore some opportunities there. There would be, definitely, if there is Online Marketing related work.

Where is Google's Hyderabad office?
Have they commenced operations?
It is going to be an Advertising/Marketing related back-office operation. Is it? Anyone can update me on that? I want to join Google!

I have to read this: Address by Yusuf Mehdi. Microsoft's Online Search Strategies.