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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Songs that I hum on my way to office.

Bekaraar karke hame yu na jaaeye
Aapko hamaari kasam laut aaiye

Jaane kahan mera jigar gayaji
Abhi abhi yahi tha kidhar gayaji
Kisi ki aadaaon pe mar gayaji
Jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji

Shaam dhale khidki tale
tum seeti bajaana chhood do

Kal subah dekha tha
Tumhe apne aangan mai
Jaise keh rahi thi tum
Mujhe baandh lo bandhan mai

Jeevan ke safar mai rahi
Milte hai bichad jaane ko
Aur de jaati hi yaadein
Tanhai mai tadpaane ko

Yu to akela manzil tak
Phir bhi pahuch sakta hu mai
Tum jo pakad ho haath mera
To Duniya Badal sakta hu mai
Maanga hai tumhe
Duniya Ke liye
(I really need some one like that!)

If you wanna love me
Darling don't refrain
Or I'll keep on walking
In the Cold November Rain

Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door!
(When I'm going fast, especially early mornings, when the roads are empty)

I'd taken one of my collegues for a ride on LV Prasad road. The KBR Park road. I like that road. That road doesn't look like India! Well-maintained, empty, street-lights workings, huge hoardings, greenery at the dividers.

I regularly touch 80 plus on that road. Sometimes I've touched 90.
That road is fantastic. In the mornings while going from the Jubilee Check Post Signal to the TDP office, I always touch 80 plus.

So, I'd taken him on this road at a speed of 80+ and he said, "Tum to gaadi udaate ho!" and then I took him from Office Sikh Village Road to Paradise, the approach road is very narrow, especially the road from Diamond Point cafe to Imperial Gardens and he told me, "Aaj badi slow chala rahe ho!" I replied, "Har koi road, LV Prasad thodi naa hota hai!"

My Best Road in Hyderabad is the LV Prasad road.
Must say, the infrastructure of Hyderabad, atleast the major roads, street-lights is very good. It does impress the first time visitor. Friends and relatives who've come down to Hyderabad have been impressed with Hyderabad roads.

Why doesn't Pune have these kind of roads. The stretch from Nagar Road to Gunjan theatre has been concretized. Pune needs more flyovers, widers roads and more greenery!

Pune definitely needs more flyovers and wider roads. Pune's infrastructure is not good. Pot-holed roads, street-lights not working, narrow roads, dividers not present, no greenery, traffic lights not working.

Now the new MP (Suresh Kalmadi of Congress) should allocate a lot of funds for urban infrastructure development, especially roads.