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Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm looking for an opportunity to work in the field
of e-learning. That's what I want to do.
I searched for e-learning/instructional design courses in Hyderabad on Google. I got a link to an article that mentioned various sites on e-learning. I contacted its author, Madhuri from Hyderabad. She replied and told me that there's a content development opportunity at her office. I've sent my CV to her HR dept. I want to take the test. I'm looking forward to a call to take the test. So that's the info. for now. My CV may not be impressive, I am! :-)

Most probably, I won't be attending this evening's call, as I have to go to Tewari Bros. Mithaiwala at Khairatabad to buy 'Black Gulab Jamuns' for Parul and Abhishek who'd be coming from Bangalore tomorrow. Achal has gone to office and he's told me to do the work. It's a minor issue here in office. However, I haven't missed a call till date (that's why haven't been able to go to Pune too!) so I think one day is alright!