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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

What have I done since morning?

I had a very light dinner last evening, so I had a heavy breakfast this morning at the Irani cafe. Do chai, chaar chhota samosa and masala dosa. Before that, I haven't shaved today, I haven't taken a bath, didn't take one yesterday too! It's overcast out here in Hyderabad and I don't want to take an early morning bath and go 15 kms on my bike to office. No, that's not the right reason, I didn't feel like it, so didn't take a bath!
I'm in office. I've checked my mails, read the newspaper, surfed different sites, changed my blog, written new posts, chatted on yahoo messenger. Omg, kaam kya kiya... kuch nahin... mann nahin kar raha hai... company muft mai paisa deta hai kya...who cares! I want to do something different. I want to learn Instructional Design. I've mentioned that before too. Lekin, usse pehle, I want to go home. I want to go to Pune atleast for a day! Kuch bhi karke, I'm going to take an off this Friday, conference call or no call! Let's see, whether I implement it or not!
Hey, on second thoughts, no, I won't be able to go home this weekend. Parul & Abhishek are going to come from Bangalore. So I'll have to be here in Hyderabad to manage things along with Achal.

Btw, a humorous quote, "Why to have second thoughts on a third opinion?" :-)