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Monday, February 28, 2005

Article on India and China

Why China will overgrow India from The Financial Times. To read.

The Union Budget has received a lot of accolades. I haven't read the budget. Wonder what's the allocation for infrastructure development and primary education.

Personal: Budget for me


Union Budget 2005-06.

What's in it for me. WIIFM

- Petrol to cost more
- I will be paying 20% Income Tax
- Car prices remain the same
- IT exemption on housing loans to stay

To read.

- Highlights of the Union Budget from The Financial Express.

Search articles

Tag: Search for Technorati Tags.

Interesting reads.

An article on Google's Scanning the World's Libraries project.
Google will scan the world, one book at a time from The Chicago Tribune. (subscription)

An article on Ten years of Yahoo!
Milestones in the History of Yahoo! from The Mercury News.

Yahoo! set to celebrate 10th anniversary on 2nd March.

Yahoo! trivia.

- What does Yahoo! mean?
- What were Akebono and Konishiki?

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accssible and useful.
- Do you know Yahoo's mission?

Answers in Comment tomorrow.

And the Oscar goes to...

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

The 77th Annual Academy Awards function was held at the Kodak Theatre in L.A. on Sunday, 27th Feb. 2005.

- Best Actor...Jamie Foxx...Ray
- Best Actress... Hilary Swank...Million Dollar Baby
- Best Picture...Million Dollar Baby
- Best Director...Clint Eastwood...Million Dollar Baby
- Best Supporting Actor...Morgan Freeman...Million Dollar Baby
- Best Supporting Actress...Cate Blanchett...The Aviator
- Best Original Screenplay...Charlie Kaufman...Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Read Charlie Kaufman's first draft of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (PDF 250 KB).
- Best Adapted Screenplay...Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor...Sideways
- Best Cinematography...Robert Richardson...The Aviator
- Best foreign-language (non-English) film...The Sea Inside from Spain.
- 77th Annual Academy Awards. Winners List.

50th Filmfare Awards. 26th Feb., Bombay

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

50th Filmfare Awards.

- Best Actor...Shah Rukh Khan...Swades
- Best Actress...Rani Mukerjee...Hum Tum
- Best Supporting Actor...Abhishek Bachchan...Yuva
- Best Supporting Actress...Rani Mukherjee...Yuva
- Best Director...Kunal Kohli...Hum Tum
- Best Film...Veer-Zaara
- Best Comedian...Saif Ali Khan...Hum Tum
- Best Villain...Priyanka Chopra...Aitraaz
- Best Screenplay...Mani Ratnam...Yuva
- Best Lyricist...Javed Akhtar...Tere Liye from Veer-Zaara
- Best Playback Singer (M)...Kunal Ganjawala...Bheege Honth Tere from Murder
- Best Playback Singer (F)...Alka Yagnik...Saanson ko Saanson Main from Hum Tum
- Best Cinematography...Christopher Popp...Lakshya
- Best Debutant...Ayesha Takia...Taarzan-The Wonder Car
- Best Background Score...A.R.Rahman...Swades

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Firefox Wallpapers

Tag: for Technorati Tags. Download Firefox!

This is for those of you from Pune, India who visit cyber cafes. Please encourage and urge net cafe/cyber cafe owners to use Firefox. Most net cafe owners in Pune haven't heard of Firefox. Help them to download Firefox.

Show them cool Firefox wallpapers to get them started. Urge them to keep Firefox wallpapers on all desktops. Show them the advantages of tabbed browsing and let them rediscover the Web.

Download Firefox—the browser, reloaded!

Spread the word. Make it a fire. Spread Firefox.
Register to Spread Firefox.

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

Haiku on a cloudy Sunday evening in Pune

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

It's a cloudy Sunday evening in Pune.

Brown building beyond the window
The dull sky and the brown ground
Will it rain in February?

A Sunday evening turns overcast
Clouds wait; wind blows; grass whistles
Showers to welcome the summer

Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Fantastic Article: The Story of Google by John Heilemann

Tags: and for Technorati Tags.

Spare forty-five minutes of your time to read The Story of Google.

The Story of Google - Journey to the (Revoltionary*, Evil-Hating, Cash-Crazy, and Possibly Self-Destructive) Center of Google by John Heilemann in the features section of Men.Style.com.
[via John Battelle's Search blog]

Note: * I think the word revoltionary is misspelled. Shouldn't it be revolutionary?

Note: The article has small font. To increase the font size in Firefox use Ctrl and + keys.

Interesting excerpts from the article.

The rise of Google is a tale often told as a Silicon Valley classic. Two precocious Stanford grad-student nerds swept up in the fever of the Internet boom invent technology that profoundly changes the experience of the Web; they drop out and start a company (in a garage) that achieves iconic status; they stage a historic public offering, achieving vast wealth and fame.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are, in Silicon Valley terms, of a different generation...By then the pair had determined they had no use for many of the Valley’s customs. At every stage in their quest to build what Larry describes as not a conventional company...They’ve displayed indifference, even contempt, for Wall Street...

Advertising turned Google into a commercial juggernaut. In 2001 the company had $87 million in revenues and was barely in the black; two years later, its sales had soared to $1.5 billion and its operating profit to more than $340 million....All eyes in the Valley and on Wall Street turned to the Google IPO.

...Larry and Sergey and the question of what they’ve learned. Having...ignored the prevailing wisdom in Silicon Valleyinventing a search engine when everyone knew search was dead; building a business on Internet advertising when everyone knew it was impossible; antagonizing two revered VCs whose rings they should have been kissing—the boys have undoubtedly learned that conventional wisdom often isn’t wisdom at all. But salutary as that lesson is, there’s also a danger to it....Similarly, it would be easy for the boys to conclude that dissing Wall Street carries no penalty. In the IPO, they told investment bankers and investors to go pound sand—and they wound up happy billionaires. Today their message to shareholders remains: Trust us, or put your money elsewhere.

- Info: Corporate History of Google.
- Fun: Try a GoogleFight between Google and God.

Tags: and for Technorati Tags.

Cricket: Schedule of India v. Pakistan Matches in March-April 2005

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

March 2005
Practice Match
- 3-5 vs Board President's XI, Dharamshala, HP
Test Matches
- 8-12....First Test, Mohali
- 16-20...Second Test, Calcutta
- 24-28...Third Test, Bangalore
One day practice match
- 30 One-day warm-up match, Hyderabad, AP

April 2005
One Day Internationals
- 2...First in Cochin
- 5...Second in Vishakhapatnam
- 9...Third in Jamshedpur
- 12..Fourth in Ahmedabad
- 15..Fifth in Kanpur
- 17..Sixth in Delhi

Friday, February 25, 2005

Attn: Technorati Support


Attn: Technorati Support

Please fix these bugs, if I may call them that.

- Posts duplicated. The same post shows
a. x links from y sources (right)
b. zero links (wrong).
Check the posts from this Technorati Tag search result.

- Tags already created are shown as not existing.
Examples: and .

- My Technorati Profile doesn't show an associated blog.

A question for Technorati.
How do I get Technorati to index my entire blog? All the posts from Feb. 2004 till date. Please let me know. Thanks very much.

Related post on this blog.
- Technorati, where are my Tags dt. 15th Feb. 2005.

Visit Technorati—the blog search engine.

Net Surfing and Blogosphere: Links for the weekend

Category: Misc. Net Surfing.

Collection of links.
To do, to read, to try, to download, to link, to check, to surf, to subscribe, and to experiment.

1. Fun.

a.) Andy Naughton's Flash Mind Reader.
- Select a two digit number
- Add the digits
- Subract the sum from the original number
- Check the symbol next to the answer
- Click on the Crystal ball
- Example. 48. 4+8=12. 48-12=36.
- View the symbol of 36.
- Click the Crystal Ball.
- Get the symbol in the Crystal Ball. It reads your mind.

The Mind Reader gives you an accurate result everytime.

An explanation of How The Flash Mind Reader Works.

b.) Generator Blog - A collection of links to Generator Pages. Name, title, Geek name, magical name, nerd name, star wars name, band name etc.

2. Insightful.
How to create an App. of the Year.
Interarchy is an example of good documentation. To read.

3. Desktop Search.
Labnol Blog - Desktop Search articles.
Free download of Copernic's Desktop Search. (Size: 2.3 MB). To download.

4. MSN's Zeitgeist.
MSN Search Insider. MSN search's Zeitgeist. Daily top 20. Top movers in Music, Sports, and TV. Compare results of two searches. Nice flash presentation.

5. Article.
To read. A Dream of Journalism without Advertising.

6. Blogopshere. Professional.
Brand Mantra, Business Pundit, Business2, Emergic, Technology Review Blog.

7. Footnotes.
One Million Footnotes - For random reading.

8. Poetry.
Poetry on Blurty - Read some poems.

9. Quotations.
Quotations on Att.Net. For my ready reference.

10. Blogosphere..
Blogs I liked. Read for the first time or after quite some time.
- Search Gal writes about search engines, writing, and SEO.
- Neelima from Hyderabad. Life and times in Hindi and English.
- Out of Range. Pink Floyd fan.
- Surinder from Delhi. Thoughts, forwards, and cartoons.

11. Research Report.
Weblog tools market. To read.

12. Writing.
100 Most often Misspelled words from yourdictionary.com. To read.

13. Filangy.
To use Filangy.

14. To Do.
To update daily blog reads on the sidebar.

Mozilla updates Firefox browser, releases ver. 1.0.1

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

Surf the Web with Mozilla Firefox browser now more secure with the release of Firefox 1.0.1.

Use Firefox 1.0.1 browser and experience a faster, safer, simpler, richer, and easier way of surfing and searching the Web.

Get Firefox 1.0.1!

Download Firefox 1.0.1 for Windows. Size: 4.7 MB.

Firefox 1.0.1 imports your favorites, settings, and other information from whichever browser you're using, so you have nothing to lose.
Download, install, and start surfing. It's that simple.

Related posts on this blog:
Use Firefox to your advantage.

- Search from Firefox address bar and Feel Lucky.
- BlogThis blogging extension for Firefox browser.
- Yahoo! toolbar for Firefox browser.
- Firefox search tips.

Related on the Web:
- Register to Spread Firefox.
- Google News results for Firefox 1.0.1

Thursday, February 24, 2005

What's New at Google? Google Movies. Find Reviews of Movies with the movie: search operator

Tags: , , , Movie Reviews, , , , , , and for Technorati Tags.

What's New at Google?
Google Movies.
Find Movie Reviews with the movie: search operator.


- Search movie reviews by name.
movie:The Fast and The Furious, movie:Lagaan
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, The Aviator
Finding Neverland

- Search movie reviews by cast member.
movie:Penelope Cruz, movie:Aishwarya Rai, movie:Preity Zinta
movie:Will Smith, movie:Sylvester Stallone
movie:Julia Roberts AND Richard Gere
movie:Denise Richards AND Neve Campbell
movie:Will Smith AND Jackie Chan
movie:Catherine Zeta Jones AND Pierce Brosnan

- Search movie reviews by actor and director.
movie:Tom Hanks AND Steven Spielberg

- Search movie reviews by director.
movie:Steven Spielberg, movie:Steven Spielberg AND Tom Hanks

- Search for Showtimes and Listings in your City.
movie:NYC, movie:Santa Clara, CA; movie:Charleston, SC

- Search by Keywords and Phrases.
movie:Bike Stunts, movie:James Bond, movie:Austin Powers
movie:Lost in the jungle, movie:Jackie Chan comedy, movie:Fast Car Chases, movie:Intelligent and thought provoking

Sort Google Movies results by:
- Relevance (Number of reviews). This is the default setting.
- Rating (Number of stars).
- Date (The latest reviews first). I prefer this.

How to form a Google Movies search query?
Use the search string as shown in the examples below.
- http://www.google.com/reviews?q=MovieName
- http://www.google.com/reviews?q=Word1+Word2+Word3
- http://www.google.com/reviews?q=The+Aviator
- http://www.google.com/reviews?q=Million+Dollar+Baby

Try different searches with Google Movies Search.
Happy Movie Reviews searching with Google Movies.

- Ben Hammersley on Google Movies. (via Kottke.org).

Tags: , , , Movie Reviews, , , , , , and for Technorati Tags.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's new in Search? Vimeo and Filangy


Vimeo (Beta) - A web site for tagging and sharing video clips. Requires Apple QuickTime.

Filangy (Beta) - Personalized web search. I've got a Filangy invite. I'm going to install the Filangy toolbar and check its features. I will write a review after a week or two.

Jason Kottke decides to blog full-time

Tag: Blogosphere for Technorati Tags.

Jason Kottke quits his job to blog full-time and he's not going to use advertising on his web site kottke.org. Read Jason Kottke's post on doing kottke.org as a full-time job. His thoughts on not using advertising as a revenue generating medium for his full-time blogging activity can be looked at as part revolutionary and part anachronistic. Here's wishing him all the best. Support Kottke.

Scoble on Marketing and RSS feeds


Microsoft's Robert Scoble writes, "If you do a Marketing web site and don't have a RSS feed today, you should be fired." Well said! Read Robert Scoble's post.

If you don't syndicate your content you're behind the times.

A Quatrain in the afternoon

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

A Quatrain on a silent summer afternoon punctuated by the clickety-clack of keyboards and the smooth whirring of a fan.

Why don't I go for lunch?
I'm hungry for a challenge, not a quick brunch.
Tell me you cannot do it
I'll give my life to it

Q: What is a Quatrain?
A: A Quatrain is a poem or stanza of four lines. The word quatrain comes from Latin and it means four.

An example of a Quatrain.

Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

~ William Blake, The Tyger.

Shayaris on a silent afternoon

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

It's a slow and silent Wednesday afternoon. Time for some Shayaris.

Usko chaha bhi to izhaar na karna aaya
Kat gayi umr hamein pyar naa karna aaya
Usne maanga bhi agar kuch to judai maangi
Aur ek hum they ki inkaar naa karna aaya

Even if I liked her I could not express my feelings
A lifetime has passed without knowing how to love
She asked for something and that too was separation
And I was the one who couldn't refuse

Socha tha pyaar mai jannat basayenge
Thi kya khabar yunhi tanha reh jaayenge!

I had decided to build heaven in love
How would I know that I would be so lonely

Kis baat ki karu mai shikayat Khuda se
Har baat mai lagti hai kami tumhaari!

Of which things should I complain to God
I miss you in everything!

Assorted Lyrics

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

Well some say life will beat you down
Break your heart, steal your crown
So I started out for God knows where
But I guess I’ll know when I get there

~ Read the lyrics of Tom Petty's Learning to Fly.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day...
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

~ Read the lyrics of Pink Floyd's Time.

A soul in tension that's learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try...

~ Read the lyrics of Pink Floyd's Learning to Fly.

How many roads must a man walk down...
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind
~ Read the lyrics of Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind.

Well, my road might be rocky,
The stones might cut my face.
My road it might be rocky,
The stones might cut my face.
But as some folks ain't got no road at all,
They gotta stand in the same old place.
Hey, hey, so I guess I'm doin' fine
~ Read the lyrics of Bob Dylan's Guess I'm Doin' Fine.

Oh, how do you wait for heaven?
And who has that much time?
And how do you keep your feet on the ground
When you know, that you were born?
You were born, yeah, you were born to fly

~ Read the lyrics of Sara Evans' Born to Fly.

Tag: for Technorati Tags.

I'm Living an Ordinary Life like millions of others


I'm living an ordinary middle-class life like anonymous millions of others who go to work and come back home in pursuit of their daily bread and butter.

What's up? Nothing much.

- There's no reply from the technology consultancy that was going to send part-time work. It is neither a yes nor a no from their side.
- I've an opportunity to get MarCom work. I've to send a five page document on their web site. I've got to do this work over the weekend or earlier. Am I going to do it? Yes, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

That's on sourcing for outsourcing work.
I'm trying for writing/research projects and I hope to get one or more in a month or two.

I don't want to go to work and come back home and be happy with the salary at the end of the month. I want to go beyond that, in two ways.

- Do work for myself. Try to get part-time Writing/Research/SEO work.
- Do work that doesn't pay, but makes me happy.

If you have research/writing work that you'd like to outsource from America, UK, Europe and other locations please let me know. Don't ask for my CV. Send me an assigment; look at my work, read my blog (it's an open diary), and then let's finalize, and start a symbiotic professional association.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Smart Searching: Use Firefox Address Bar and Google's I'm Feeling Lucky

Tags: , , and .

Smart Searching with Firefox browser's address bar.

Use the Firefox address bar for an 'I'm feeling Lucky' Google search.

Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button takes you to the web page of the first link shown in the Google search results.

Try these Examples in your Firefox address bar.
Type these words in your Firefox address bar, press enter, and Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' takes you to the first search result.

Type the words and press enter.
- Type chirayu in the Firefox address bar and press enter.
Reach my blog!
Simple, isn't it?
Type. Enter. Reach the web site.

- Keyword/s (Google's I'm Feeling Lucky result)

- Search Engines (SearchEngineWatch.com)
- India (CIA World Factbook)
- Content Development (Websitetips.com)
- News (CNN)
- Technology News (CNN Technology)
- New York (The NYTimes.com)
- Blogs (GlobeofBlogs.com)
- Firefox (Download Firefox web page)
- Images (Google Images)
- Cricket (Cricinfo.com)
- Aishwarya (Aishwarya-Rai.com)
- Learning to fly lyrics (lyricsfreak.com)
- Urdu Poetry (urdupoetry.com)
- Ghazals of Ghalib (GhalibIndex page)
- Meta search engine (mamma.com)
- List of search engines (SEW links)
- New search engines (MSN search) - surprise
- Zeitgeist (Google Zeitgeist)

- And many more such searches.

Search better and faster by using Google's I'm Feeling Lucky in the Firefox browser's address bar. Type words in Firefox address bar and let Google's I'm Feeling Lucky do the rest. Simple.

Which browser do you still use?

Related link from this blog:
- Spread Firefox.

Tags: , , and .

Nothing New—Indiatimes and other TimesGroup web sites suck!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , and .

ET, ToI, and Indiatimes cut those useless JavaScript Ads that block the News Headlines!!
(I'm not giving any links. I don't want to link to any of these web sites except ET).

The TimesGroup web sites please cut your excessive ads.

Someone please tell Indiatimes, ToI (The Times of India), and ET to cut those JavaScript ads that block the entire News Headlines.
The JavaScript function clipWindow1()

I visit ET (frequently), TimesofIndia (sometimes), and Indiatimes (rarely) to read the news not to see a bl**dy flashing JavaScript ad that blocks the news headline links.

Indiatimes Sucks!
ToI on-line became a tabloid a long time ago.
ET was the only site worth reading, and they're converting it to an ad realestate.

Firefox has blocked the pop-up windows.
I had to disable JavaScript in Firefox to be able to read the headlines.

What kind of a *yuck* marketing strategy is that, TimesGroup? You don't allow people to read news and bombard them with a JavaScript ad? I don't want to read news on your only web site that was worth reading, ET. There are hundreds of web sites out there. I'll hit Alt+F4 and go somewhere else. This ad comes and I hit Alt+F4. Why should I disable JavaScript? I don't want your ads? I want your content and if you don't want to show it, I won't visit your web site.

Yahoo! should not buy Indiatimes. Indiatimes has the content but they are more interested in Marketing than showing their content. Guys at Yahoo! check the homepage of Indiatimes. Rediff is a better choice for acquiring a portal for its content rather than Indiatimes and a lot many people who've used Rediff and Indiatimes will agreee with me. If page views is your only criteria then it is another matter.

What do you guys say?

Hit The Slimes of India, Slimes of India (Google Slimes of India and use the I'm feeling Lucky button to go to the slimes Times of India web site) and check the number of hits in any search engine.

Yahoo! should not buy Indiatimes. Yahoo! you will lose a lot of goodwill. I'm sticking my neck out on this. Yahoo! should take an online poll. Which portal is better: Indiatimes or Rediff? Try it.

You won't find any Indian (at least from India) in the Blogosphere who likes the Times (Slimes) of India. Yes, it does sell and that's the irony! Marketing sells everything, or to be correct sex sells everything. If Yahoo! buys Indiatimes and related web sites they will be buying a major Tabloid not a portal.

Hope the content and marketing team at Yahoo read this; the marketing people at TimesGroup read this, and the blogosphere reads this.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , and .

What bugged me that I wrote this post.
I wanted to select the Brand Equity Quiz 2005 link on ET and that ad kept on flashing! :-(

Monday, February 21, 2005

Please invite me to use Filangy

Tags: and for Technorati Tags.

I want a Filangy invite. Filangy allows saving of web searches. Something like Amazon's A9.com. One has to install a Filangy toolbar.

Please email me a Filangy invite. My email address is chirayu (at) gmail (dot) com. I want to try Filangy. Thanks very much.

India Special Articles on NewScientist.com

Tags: , , and for Technorati Tags.

New Scientist proclaims India to be on the threshold of becoming the next knowledge superpower in its India Special issue of 19 Feb. 2005.

- The next knowledge superpower.

Whether the new-found prosperity and excitement of present-day India can be sustained will depend crucially on how the government guides the country over the next few years. Cheap labour and the widespread use of English do not guarantee success, and there are major obstacles that the country will need to tackle to ensure continued growth. Take
infrastructure. Where China has pumped billions into water, road and rail projects, India has let them drift.

India's greatest rival has always been its giant neighbour to the north (China). While IT and services are helping India log 6 per cent year-on-year increases in GDP, China's vast manufacturing base is raising its GDP by around 9 per cent a year.

- The silicon subcontinent.

Read more India special articles from the Features section of NewScientist.

Thanks for the links, SV.

NYT: An interview with Forrester CEO, and an article on Podcasts


- NYTimes.com's Sunday Interview with George F. Colony, CEO of Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA.

- NYTimes.com article on Podcasts.

- Forrester Research's Charlene Li blogs on technology developments in media & marketing.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Spread Firefox


Spread Firefox

Download Firefox 1.0 (4.7 MB English - Windows)

Get Firefox!

- Firefox is the browser you can trust.
- Rediscover the web with Firefox.
- Ignite your surfing experience with Firefox.
- Use Firefox for safer, better, and faster web surfing.
- Enjoy tabbed browsing with Firefox.
- Surf multiple web sites from the same browser window.
- Set options to disable loading of images from external web sites.
- Set the web sites that you want to allow to install software.
- No pop-up ads to interrupt your web surfing.
- Surf on the web without any fear of spyware, trojans, or viruses.
- Reinvent the joy of surfing the web without any pop-ups.
- No annoyances, no crashes, and no unwanted pop-ups.
- Easy download. 4.7 MB. Fast setup.
- Import your settings. Start surfing.
- Use Download Manager for swift downloading.
- Downloaded files are saved on the Desktop.
- Use the Live Bookmarks feature to read RSS news.
- Customizable font size. Ctrl plus +. Ctrl plus -
- Find meanings from the address bar. Example: dict considerate
- Find movies from the address bar. Example: imdb John Travolta
- Google search from the address bar. Example: google wallpapers
- Search for slang from the address bar. Example: slang blogosphere
- Search Wikipedia from the address bar. Example: wp Poetry
- Search Stock quotes from the address bar. Example: stock GOOG
- Enable Smart searching from the address bar.
Right click the address bar and Add a keyword for this search.
- Use the nifty Ctrl +F Find feature and find words as you type.
- Use Firefox extensions to improve and enhance your web surfing.
- Blog by using the BlogThis extension for Firefox.
- Use Yahoo! toolbar with Firefox browser.
- Use Googlebar with Firefox browser.
- Use A9 toolbar with Firefox browser.
- Enjoy surfing the web with Firefox browser.
- More than 25 million people use Firefox 1.0.
- Change the way your friends and co-workers surf the web.
- Invite, explain, and encourage people to use Firefox.
- Firefox for everyone.
- Switch to Firefox!
- Spread the word about Firefox.
- Download Firefox
- Have you tried Firefox? If not, then do it now!

Get Firefox!

Firefox—the browser, reloaded!
Which browser do you use?

Fifty Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark on Poynter.org

Tag: Writing

I'm going to read, understand, practice, solve the workshop exercises, reread, and experiment with Roy Peter Clark's Fifty Writing Tools (Tips) on Poynter.

Dr. Roy Peter Clark, Senior Scholar at the Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, FL., writes a weekly column on Writing Tools under Writing and Editing on PoynterOnline.

The New York Times Company acquires About.com for $410 million.
(Free registration required).

The above sentence is an example of Writing Tip #1.
- Use Subject Verb together and branch a sentence to the right.

Friday, February 18, 2005

A Zen Saying


When you come to see you are not as wise today as you thought you were yesterday, you are wiser today.
~ Anthony de Mello

Thanks for the saying, Surinder.

To read tonight, One Minute Nonsense. Zen sayings and anecdotes.

Yahoo! to acquire minority stake in Indiatimes?

Category: Misc. News.

Is Yahoo! going to acquire minority stake in Indiatimes portal?

This post is tagged as for Technorati Tags.

USA Today writes about Aishwarya Rai

Category: Misc

Ash is Hot in New York.

USA Today profiles Aishwarya Rai. Her movie, Bride and Prejudice-a Bollywood adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is playing in New York and L.A.

This movie was a flop in India, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't seen it, but I remember Suman telling me it was boring. It was a success in the UK.

The USA Today article offers help in pronouncing her name. (Ash-WAHR-ee-ah Rye)

Aishwarya is a Sanskrit word that means Prosperity (wealth).
Call her Ash, like we do. :-)

As per the article, Indian actresses don't kiss. Not exactly. The wannabe/bold/nex-gen/upcoming/lower-rung actresses do kiss. And the kisses are getting steamier and lengthier, but the screenplays are getting worse, so those films don't succeed at the box office, although they do draw crowds for a week or two.

A beautiful sher (verse) on Ash.

Tum naam ki kya baat karte ho
Log insaan ko bhool jaaya karte hai

Tum samundar mai doobne ki baat karte ho
Log Aishwarya ki aankhon mai doob jaya karte hai

You talk of remembering names
People forget people

You talk of drowning in an ocean
People drown in Aishwarya's eyes

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What's New at Google? India Zeitgeist

Category: Professional

1. What's New at Google?

Google India Zeitgeist - A list of most searched for queries from Google India. Congratulations, Google and wish you good luck.

Google India Zeitgeist for January 2005.
What India was searching for in January 2005.
Tsunami, News, Railways, and Bollywood.

This proves this is such a big marketing opportunity for Indian Railways.

2. A request to Google.

Please launch a Google Toolbar for Firefox.

Firefox has already crossed 25 million downloads and once a new version of Firefox launches and word-of-mouth publicity increases, and more and more people take to Firefox, a target of a 100 million downloads by the year-end is not impossible. So what does Google think of this big opportunity? Google and Firefox will be an unbeatable combination, and how about a feature in the Google Firefox toolbar that allows surfers to search a word and view the results as a new Tab.

- Google Zeitgeist
- Google International Zeitgeist
- Google Toolbar 3 Beta for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and IE 5.5+
- Spread Firefox

Get Firefox!

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A Beautiful Poem: Oh Baby! With your Pretty Face, Drop a Tear in my Wineglass

Category: Misc. Poetry.

I read this beautiful poem on Handa's blog. I googled for the words and found them to be from the movie, Before Sunrise.

Daydream, delusion, Limousine, eyelash
Oh Baby! With your pretty face
Drop a tear in my wineglass
Look at those big eyes
See what you mean to me
Sweet-cakes and milkshakes
I'm delusion angel
I'm fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don't want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
We have no idea where we're going
Latched in life
Like branches in a river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I'll carry you
You'll carry me
That's how it could be
Don't you know me?
Don't you know me by now?
~ Street poet in the movie, Before Sunrise (1995).

Beautiful words. One can visualize them.

Latched in life
Like branches in a river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I'll carry you
You'll carry me

Two branches, flowing fast down stream in the swirling water, each
supporting and clinging to the other; knowing not where the flow will
take them—together or separated.

A simple, passionate, and intelligent guy in search of his calling and an intelligent, sweet, and beautiful gal in search of her identity; a chance meeting in a garden city, and their lives entwined and souls entangled knowing not where this relationship would take them; toward the beginning of bliss or the end of happiness.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Broadband ISPs in Pune

Category: Misc

Broadband ISPs in Pune.

Net4India.com's 128 kbps Rs. 770/- per month + Rs. 2000/- (one time, to confirm) installation charge with 24 hours unlimited download broadband Internet connection seems an enticing offer. Is anyone using this Internet connection? What's your opinion? Please let me know. This Internet connection is available only in select areas of Pune.

Even Sify's 64 kbps unlimited broadband Internet connection for Rs.1295/- for 2 months seems good, although there are concerns about their customer service. What's your opinion? There are a lot of damning reviews of Sify.

Iqara seems to be a new service provider in Pune.

BSNL haven't started their new broadband service in Pune, nor have they updated their web site. How will I know which connection to take if you don't allow me to read your latest plans, and directly send me to fill a registration form? I don't want to fill a form. Make your web site usable, BSNL. They haven't even changed their © to 2005.

BSNL is going to offer 256 kbps surfing speed at Rs. 500/- per month with a 1 GB download limit. I didn't find this information on their web site (I found it later on), this is from a newspaper advertisement. When are they going to start operations and when will they update their web site, or at least show the updated tariff plans? How can they expect someone to buy without reading the plans and benefits? Related post on BSNL on this blog.

Does VSNL provide a broadband (not ISDN) Internet connection? They haven't mentioned anything on their web site. Is Dishnet DSL their broadband offering, as it is a part of VSNL. A lot of cyber cafes use Dishnet DSL; which was acquired by VSNL, a member of the Tata group, now with the brand name Tata Indicom.

Please let me know your views on broadband ISPs in Pune.

- Net4India seems to be the best for trial.
Although I'm not sure of the speed and service.

- Sify has affordable rates; however their customer service is bad, as per reviews on the net.

- BSNL has a registration form on their web site, but they haven't commenced broadband operations in Pune. How will I know which plan to choose unless you tell me what it is about? Or am I supposed to take a guess? They have given links in small font to Home and Business Tariff plans on their registration page. Shouldn't this information come on the homepage? What does a person search for before buying an Internet connection? What are the charges? Isn't it? And you make people fill a big form and in the middle of that form, in small font, you provide links (select the links under Choice of Tariff Plan) that open as pop-ups with tariff plans? Not usable. 98% of people won't find this in three clicks. Hope someone from BSNL reads this.

A question for BSNL: Why will a potential customer fill your form without reading the tariff? At least, I won't.

Dear BSNL, How about using this:
We encourage you to link here read our tariff plans end link and understand the benefits they offer for link here home and business users end link. We invite you to link here register for our broadband Internet service end link

- Iqara is new and I need more information and user feedback.
It is a major ISP in Ahmedabad. I'd appreciate your views on Iqara's service.

- I'd appreciate feedback from users about DishnetDsl's service.

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Firefox browser crosses the 25 Million download mark

Category: Misc.

Mozilla Firefox browser crosses the 25 million download mark.

Download Firefox browser
Download Firefox 1.0 and rediscover a safer, faster, and better way of surfing the Web.

Spread the word about Firefox and invite and encourage people to download Firefox browser by using Firefox logos and links on your web site.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Congrats, KK

Category: Personal

Post about Blog Friends.

Congrats on getting a dream internship, KK. Great going. Wish you good luck.

Trust IIT guys to be the best. KK finds time for 3 days of work in 10 hours, spends nights taking part in lighting and rangoli competitions, organizes programming competitions in college, writes a blog, maintains a collection of useful links, listens to rock music, parties, and finds the time to get three international internship offers; all this while making a business plan, and studying CS at IIT-Kgp. Hats off to you! Many congratulations, KK. All the best for your internship.

No wonder you've named your blog as KPowerInfinity. K raised to Infinity. Yeah, you're going that way maan. The possibilities for you are infinite, and may you make the best use of them. I can see another Anurag Acharya in the making. Way to go, buddy.

I know I'm a mere mortal with guys like you, Suneet, and Vardan around.

Suneet scored 99.99 percentile and Vardan scored 99.23 percentile in CAT 2004. Here's wishing you guys good luck for your IIM interviews.


A Thought for Today

Category: Personal

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; an optimist doesn't see the clouds at all-he's walking on them.
~ Leonard Louis Levinson (?)

This quotation fits my blog's title and my attitude.
Footsteps on Clouds and Optimistic.

Now you know it's not only poetry that decided the title of my blog.

Let me write a beautiful sher.
Whenever I remember a sher, I remember Mohsin. We shared good times in Bangalore. And of course talking of Bangalore, how can I forget Ngn...and those Rs. 10/- Darshini Meals.

I've fond memories of Bangalore. That summer in Bangalore and those Sunday afternoon walks on JayMahal road, along the broad pavements, under the shade of bright red Gulmohars. Bangalore made me a poet.

Mohsin had quoted this. He had a Sher for any occasion.

Mujhko itna diya mere Khuda ne
Ke jitni meri aukaad na thi
Yeh to bas uska hi rahem-o-karm hai
Varna hum main to koi aise baat na thi

I've received a bountiful from God
Which is unbecoming (inappropriate) of my ability
It is only God's Grace
Otherwise there's nothing in me

Suggestions to improve the translation are most welcome.

Book on Google

Category: Misc. Books and Reading.

Google and the Mission to Map Meaning and Make Money by Bart Milner.
[via Google Blogoscoped, which always makes for interesting and useful reading.]

This book showcases the "critical breakthrough made by Google that is already shaping the way the 21st century thinks."

Read the First Chapter.

- Amazon
- GOOG Quotes & Info. Last Trade $195.23.

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AP Article: Comparison of Mapping Services

Category: Misc

Article on Mapping services-Yahoo!, MapQuest, Google, and MSN.

The NYTimes has an informative article (free registration required) from The Associated Press that compares Map results from Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, MSN Maps & Directions, and MapQuest; their pros and cons, and when to use which web site to search.

Google Maps is appealing to the eye, easy to use, doesn't show any ads-hence shows bigger pictures of maps, allows the query to be entered in a single box, and is fun to navigate; MSN Maps and Directions is exhaustive and lets you choose the shortest and quickest route, MapQuest is good and sometimes shows an option of avoiding major highways, but Yahoo! Maps is the best of them all as it combines together ease of use, functionality, and results; that's the verdict from the above article.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Technorati, where are my Tags?

Category: Misc

What's up at Technorati? Where are my Tags?

I'd tagged posts as Pune, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Shayari in the last two months. Now I've found that none of the posts appear under those tags. I've already created the above tags, why doesn't Technorati show the posts under those tags? Are those tags deleted? What's up? Anyone from Technorati can update me on the status. I was going to send an email, but I thought tagging this post as will get me a faster answer.


- This post of 9th Feb. has been tagged as Gujarati. Now why isn't it appearing under the Gujarati tag on Technorati? It was appearing earlier. It isn't today. Has the tag been deleted? What's the status? Please let me know.
- This post dt. 22nd Jan. has been tagged as Pune. This too is not appearing under Pune on Technorati? Same is the case with other tags like Punjabi and Shayari.

How come Technorati says there are no posts for these tags, when there already are (the examples given above and many more such posts on my blog).

Technorati, please update me.

Thanks very much.

Update: 16th Feb. 02:30 pm IST. The tags are not showing any posts. FYI.

Hindi Lyrics

Category: Misc

Lovely lyrics.

Lyrics of Abhi Na Jao Chhodkar, Ke Dil Abhi Bharaa Nahin...from Hum Dono. (Old - 1961).

Abhi naa jao chhodkar, ke dil abhi bharaa nahin

Abhi abhi to aaye ho, bahaar ban ke chhaye ho
Hawaa zaraa mahek to le, nazar zaraa bahak to le
Ye shaam dhal to le zaraa, ye dil sambhal to le zaraa
Mai thodi der jee to lu, nashe ke ghoont pee to lu
Abhi to kuchh kahaa nahin, abhi to kuch sunaa nahin...

Sitaare zilmilaa uthhe, charaag zagmagaa uthhe
Bas ab naa mujh ko toknaa, na badh ke raah roknaa
Agar main ruk gayi abhi, to jaa na paungi kabhi
Yahi kahoge tum sadaa, ke dil abhi bhara nahin
Jo khatm ho kisi jagah, ye aisa silsilaa nahin...

Adhuree aans chhod ke, adhuree pyaas chhod ke
Jo roz yunhi jaogi, to kis tarah nibhaaogee
Ke zindagi ki raah main, jawaa dilon ki chaah main
Kai makaam aayenge, jo hum ko aazmayenge
Bura naa maano baat ka, ye pyaar hain gilaa nahin
Yahi kahoge tum sadaa, ke dil abhee bharaa nahin

Incidentally, this is Shah Rukh Khan's favourite romantic song.

Listen to this song on-line.
- Select the above link
- Press Ctrl and F keys once the page loads
- Enter Abhi Na Jao in the Find text box
- Click the selected words to play the song.

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Please let me know of corrections, if any.


Category: Personal

I will be getting a, most probably positive, reply from them by Wednesday night. I haven't sent a quote as yet. I'm waiting for their reply. I've shown trust. I don't care for 'x' or 'y' dollars per hour. Look at my work and then we'll decide. I will stick to $18 per hour. One project to start off and the world is my oyster. I know I have the skills required for a successful entrepreneur and the biggest is I Believe in Myself and I don't care what people thing about my CV, my education, my background, and my skills. I can do it. All big companies started small, and that's what I'd told Mohan once, while we were having tea downstairs, zindagi main sapna to hona chahiye, aur ek din apna bhi aisa ek board (pointing to the board of C...) hoga.

- You don't have an 'x' degree so you cannot do it.
- You don't have a 'y' brand college/company on your CV so you cannot do it.
- You don't have experience so you cannot do it.
- You don't have money so you cannot do it.
- You don't have contacts so you cannot do it.
- You have a stable job, why do you want to experiment?
- Why don't you get married and settle down?
- Stick to a job for 5 years then think of all this.

So much for all these thoughts. At the most, I will fail, but that won't prevent me from trying. And this Wednesday night may well herald the start of big things for me.

I may not have all these things and more, but I have Google with me, and I have the world in my palms.

Knowledge is of two kinds. You know a subject yourself, or you know where to find information about it.
~ Samuel Johnson

I believe in this quote and I follow it.

One should never be afraid of failing, at any age. 28 is not too old to start something, nor is it too young an age to do Technology Research.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Economist features Robert Scoble

Category: Misc

Economist.com features Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble in its People section and poses the question, "Will employee blogging put an end to traditional company PR?"

- Read the article.
- Read Robert Scoble's blog.

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- List of blogs written by employees of Yahoo! or Google.


Category: Personal

- 14th of Feb. is just another day in life.
- I don't have any emotions to associate with it.
- One can't have emotions for only a day!
- I miss you Sen...daily. This has nothing to do with 14th Feb.
- Writing personal posts seems dangerous sometimes. That's what I feel.
- People want to read about Search and they see a personal post, does this put them off?
- Writing personal posts makes me vulnerable.
- Although, I know I have only well-wishers.
- I need to register my own web site, but before that I've got to upgrade my computer at home, and take a fast Internet connection. I've been writing about taking a broadband Internet connection for the last three months.
- I'll do that in the first week of March, after I get this month's salary.
- This blog is getting more professional. I'm happy and excited about it.
- Please don't hesitate to drop in a comment or two, criticism—constructive criticism is always appreciated, and tips on writing, and the usability of this blog.

Thanks very much.

A verse for today.

Kisi raah mai, kisi mod par;
Kahin chal na dena mere humsafar, mere humsafar;
Tera saath hai to hai zindagi,
Tu hi pyaar hai, tu hi dillagi;
Teri baahon mai meri zindagi...

A beautiful love poem, The Look by Sara Teasdale.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Add Yahoo! search to your web site

Category: Misc

I've added a Yahoo! search box to this blog.
Search the web and search this blog with Yahoo!

Add a Yahoo! search box to your web site and provide surfers an option to search the web or your web site from a search engine other than Google.

Now I am providing three search options on this blog: Google, Yahoo!, and Technorati—to search the web and this blog. The search boxes are on the right side of this page, after the links.

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A Blog as an extension of the Intranet

Category: Misc.

Thoughts on a Blog as an extension of the Intranet.

There have been a lot of controversies over blogging and work.
How about starting an Intranet Blog?

This won't be a blog to promote the company or for PR activities or search engine optimization and marketing. Nor will this be a blog to share thoughts with the world like Yahoo!, Google, Ask, and MSN do from their official blogs.

This will be a blog as an internal medium of communication in the organization. An extension of the Intranet with access to write, save, post, read, and comment for all employees.

This blog will be less personal than most personal blogs and less professional than company PR on the Intranet and Web site.

I'd call this blog an Intranet Blog.

Use an Intranet blog to:

- Share thoughts on company matters with the employees. The blog can be password protected with access only for employees.
- To update a big organization on the celebrations taking place, presentations and conferences attended, contests to take part in, new hires who join etc.
For example: Share birthday pictures, ppts of conferences attended, pdfs of interesting articles, answers to the quiz contest, tutorials on quality initiatives etc.
- Encourage people to write and share their stories.
A change they want to bring about in the company, an opinion they want to voice, knowledge they want to share, help they need, thoughts they have etc. Use it as an official magazine that can be published anytime by any employee.
- A group of employees can act as Editors and monitor content published on the blog and edit/filter/delete inappropriate content and links.

This idea may be ahead of its time, but it is definitely worth a try.
What do you guys say?
I had this thought and I'm sharing it with the world.

An idea should be allowed to roam freely and a thousand minds will think of it in a million different ways, and make something tangible out of an intangible idea floating freely in cyberspace.

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Humor: Fun with Google

Category: Misc. Humour/Humor.

Fun with Google Translate.

This is naughty and funny.

1. Translate Amrita's Mom in nice and sweet from English to Spanish.

2. Copy the Spanish sentence and translate it to English.

3. Read the English translation and the original sentence (1). ;-)

Fun with Google Maps.

George Bush and the UN weapons inspectors may not have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but Google Maps sure did find them, and that too in America. Take a look. ;-)

Thanks for the pointers, SV.

Google Maps finds weapons of mass destruction in Redmond, WA. No prizes for guessing the correct answer. Visit Google Maps and enter weapons of mass destruction Redmond, WA in the search box. Check the first result. Surprising? Not at all. Use your imagination and try other related searches. ;-)

Fun with Google Images.

Check the first image for these search queries on Google Image search.

What is Life? Pyrene ;-) Simple to look at and complicated to understand!

Is Google God?

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Personal: A step closer to getting my first project

Category: Personal

I'm trying for part-time Writing/ Research work. I've almost got a project from Silicon Valley. This weekend is crucial. I've to send Research Reports and the remuneration expected in USD per hour.

I'm a step closer to what I want to do—start something of my own.

What remuneration in Dollars per hour should I ask for?
Is $20 per hour on the higher side? I know this will be peanuts for them, still I don't want to miss the opportunity. This is for say, 3/4 hours a day for 5 days a week for a period of about 3 months to start off.

The billing rates for coding range between $9 and $16 per hour.
Is $20 per hour all-right for technology research or is it on the higher side?
Please let me know.

I'm sharing a thought and your suggestions will be appreciated.
Risk and Opportunity always go hand-in-hand. If this clicks, I'm not going to look back.

I need to take a broadband Internet connection. These power cuts are worrying me.

Pune: More power cuts in the offing

Category: Personal

Pune city.

It's the second week of February and the maximum temperature has already crossed 34 degrees Celsius. This year the summers going to be hot!

Newspapers have reported of more power cuts. From next week there's going to be eighteen hours of load shedding per week. A three-hour power cut for six days a week.

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Surfing the Blogosphere

Category: Misc

Surfing the Blogosphere.

Google fires employee for blogging.

This news is fast spreading in Blogosphere, although the mainstream media isn't concerned by this.

Mark Jen joined Google in the second week of Jan. and left by the month end, apparently fired over blogging about Google on his personal blog.

He blogged about and somewhat sarcastically criticized Google's Benefits plan, which (I suppose) breached the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by him. He should have been warned and told to delete the offending posts. Why to make a mountain out of a molehill? A brouhaha out of the blue?

People make mistakes, and a dressing down would have been the best way to tackle this issue. "You've written something, we don't approve of it. Please don't do it again. Thanks very much. Carry on with your work and be careful about what you blog."
That would have settled matters. Why to fire an employee?

Why did Google fire/ease out Mark Jen, the AdSense Product Manager who was at Google for less than two weeks (Jan. 17-28) before being told to leave, apparently over posting on his blog about Google.

Google has always believed in the Don't Be Evil philosophy.
Didn't Google do an Evil thing?

As a comment goes on Mark Jen's blog

"It is the job of PR to espouse the glory of your company and the job of HR to keep you well fed."
"When your actions cause other organizations undue work or criticism you become a liability instead of an asset."

Because of his posts, Mark Jen became a liability.
He should not have posted so soon, or he should have taken permission to post.

What were the circumstances that led to Mark Jen's leaving Google? Was it personal or did Google tell him to leave beacuse of the posts that he wrote about Google, and as a Google employee?

Has the expectation of delivering results for the Markets got to Google and are they on the path to becoming another heartless Juggernaut?

Google did a wrong thing, my favorite search engine/ company, the coolest place to work in the world, showed that it is Human too and has an Evil side.

Sorry to say, but I'll stick my neck out on this, Google did a wrong thing. They should not have fired/eased out that guy, atleast not so soon. If he left on his own, which isn't the case I suppose, then it's another matter.

Read Mark Jen's Blog.

Google, the coolest company in the world, did an uncool thing.

Let's take that as a mistake and forgive them, but Google is no longer Don't Be Evil. It is a money-minded company on the road to becoming a mega-money-minded, heartless, market-driven Behemoth.

Google should have warned and told Mark Jen that his posting violated SEC norms, if any, and that they'd like him to go easy on blogging about internal matters, and commenting on the work and partying culture. This warning should have been enough, instead of firing the person after twelve days at work.

There are a lot of conflicts arising out of Blogging and Work.
It's time for IT companies to have Blogging policies that define the implications of Blogging from work and about work.

This is the first time I've written something remotely critical of Google in more than a year of Blogging.

Even off-line, whenever there used to be a discussion about Search, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others I always used to passionately support Google, even when I knew that Yahoo! image searches showed better results than Google's last year.

Google was like, the next best thing after God, and I don't ask much from God, so Google was almost like God, now it's just another company in search of their millions, having put the philosophy of 'Don't be Evil' in a 1000 MB Gmail box saved as backup.

Sorry for writing this, Google. Do something that makes me believe you still adhere to the Don't Be Evil philosophy.

Read more about this story from, for a change, Yahoo News.

Read More about this story.

- ResearchBuzz and check the links from there.
- Google Blogoscoped
- Google's Company Philosophy
- ZDNet suggests blogging employees to ask for 'Blogging Policies'.

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Whatever, Google is my favorite search engine. I like Google.
Good guys can do some evil things once in a while and one has to forgive them (Google). Good luck to Mark Jen.

Forgive, forget, and move on.