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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Broadband ISPs in Pune

Category: Misc

Broadband ISPs in Pune.

Net4India.com's 128 kbps Rs. 770/- per month + Rs. 2000/- (one time, to confirm) installation charge with 24 hours unlimited download broadband Internet connection seems an enticing offer. Is anyone using this Internet connection? What's your opinion? Please let me know. This Internet connection is available only in select areas of Pune.

Even Sify's 64 kbps unlimited broadband Internet connection for Rs.1295/- for 2 months seems good, although there are concerns about their customer service. What's your opinion? There are a lot of damning reviews of Sify.

Iqara seems to be a new service provider in Pune.

BSNL haven't started their new broadband service in Pune, nor have they updated their web site. How will I know which connection to take if you don't allow me to read your latest plans, and directly send me to fill a registration form? I don't want to fill a form. Make your web site usable, BSNL. They haven't even changed their © to 2005.

BSNL is going to offer 256 kbps surfing speed at Rs. 500/- per month with a 1 GB download limit. I didn't find this information on their web site (I found it later on), this is from a newspaper advertisement. When are they going to start operations and when will they update their web site, or at least show the updated tariff plans? How can they expect someone to buy without reading the plans and benefits? Related post on BSNL on this blog.

Does VSNL provide a broadband (not ISDN) Internet connection? They haven't mentioned anything on their web site. Is Dishnet DSL their broadband offering, as it is a part of VSNL. A lot of cyber cafes use Dishnet DSL; which was acquired by VSNL, a member of the Tata group, now with the brand name Tata Indicom.

Please let me know your views on broadband ISPs in Pune.

- Net4India seems to be the best for trial.
Although I'm not sure of the speed and service.

- Sify has affordable rates; however their customer service is bad, as per reviews on the net.

- BSNL has a registration form on their web site, but they haven't commenced broadband operations in Pune. How will I know which plan to choose unless you tell me what it is about? Or am I supposed to take a guess? They have given links in small font to Home and Business Tariff plans on their registration page. Shouldn't this information come on the homepage? What does a person search for before buying an Internet connection? What are the charges? Isn't it? And you make people fill a big form and in the middle of that form, in small font, you provide links (select the links under Choice of Tariff Plan) that open as pop-ups with tariff plans? Not usable. 98% of people won't find this in three clicks. Hope someone from BSNL reads this.

A question for BSNL: Why will a potential customer fill your form without reading the tariff? At least, I won't.

Dear BSNL, How about using this:
We encourage you to link here read our tariff plans end link and understand the benefits they offer for link here home and business users end link. We invite you to link here register for our broadband Internet service end link

- Iqara is new and I need more information and user feedback.
It is a major ISP in Ahmedabad. I'd appreciate your views on Iqara's service.

- I'd appreciate feedback from users about DishnetDsl's service.

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