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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Shayaris on a silent afternoon

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It's a slow and silent Wednesday afternoon. Time for some Shayaris.

Usko chaha bhi to izhaar na karna aaya
Kat gayi umr hamein pyar naa karna aaya
Usne maanga bhi agar kuch to judai maangi
Aur ek hum they ki inkaar naa karna aaya

Even if I liked her I could not express my feelings
A lifetime has passed without knowing how to love
She asked for something and that too was separation
And I was the one who couldn't refuse

Socha tha pyaar mai jannat basayenge
Thi kya khabar yunhi tanha reh jaayenge!

I had decided to build heaven in love
How would I know that I would be so lonely

Kis baat ki karu mai shikayat Khuda se
Har baat mai lagti hai kami tumhaari!

Of which things should I complain to God
I miss you in everything!