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Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Blog as an extension of the Intranet

Category: Misc.

Thoughts on a Blog as an extension of the Intranet.

There have been a lot of controversies over blogging and work.
How about starting an Intranet Blog?

This won't be a blog to promote the company or for PR activities or search engine optimization and marketing. Nor will this be a blog to share thoughts with the world like Yahoo!, Google, Ask, and MSN do from their official blogs.

This will be a blog as an internal medium of communication in the organization. An extension of the Intranet with access to write, save, post, read, and comment for all employees.

This blog will be less personal than most personal blogs and less professional than company PR on the Intranet and Web site.

I'd call this blog an Intranet Blog.

Use an Intranet blog to:

- Share thoughts on company matters with the employees. The blog can be password protected with access only for employees.
- To update a big organization on the celebrations taking place, presentations and conferences attended, contests to take part in, new hires who join etc.
For example: Share birthday pictures, ppts of conferences attended, pdfs of interesting articles, answers to the quiz contest, tutorials on quality initiatives etc.
- Encourage people to write and share their stories.
A change they want to bring about in the company, an opinion they want to voice, knowledge they want to share, help they need, thoughts they have etc. Use it as an official magazine that can be published anytime by any employee.
- A group of employees can act as Editors and monitor content published on the blog and edit/filter/delete inappropriate content and links.

This idea may be ahead of its time, but it is definitely worth a try.
What do you guys say?
I had this thought and I'm sharing it with the world.

An idea should be allowed to roam freely and a thousand minds will think of it in a million different ways, and make something tangible out of an intangible idea floating freely in cyberspace.

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