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Friday, February 25, 2005

Net Surfing and Blogosphere: Links for the weekend

Category: Misc. Net Surfing.

Collection of links.
To do, to read, to try, to download, to link, to check, to surf, to subscribe, and to experiment.

1. Fun.

a.) Andy Naughton's Flash Mind Reader.
- Select a two digit number
- Add the digits
- Subract the sum from the original number
- Check the symbol next to the answer
- Click on the Crystal ball
- Example. 48. 4+8=12. 48-12=36.
- View the symbol of 36.
- Click the Crystal Ball.
- Get the symbol in the Crystal Ball. It reads your mind.

The Mind Reader gives you an accurate result everytime.

An explanation of How The Flash Mind Reader Works.

b.) Generator Blog - A collection of links to Generator Pages. Name, title, Geek name, magical name, nerd name, star wars name, band name etc.

2. Insightful.
How to create an App. of the Year.
Interarchy is an example of good documentation. To read.

3. Desktop Search.
Labnol Blog - Desktop Search articles.
Free download of Copernic's Desktop Search. (Size: 2.3 MB). To download.

4. MSN's Zeitgeist.
MSN Search Insider. MSN search's Zeitgeist. Daily top 20. Top movers in Music, Sports, and TV. Compare results of two searches. Nice flash presentation.

5. Article.
To read. A Dream of Journalism without Advertising.

6. Blogopshere. Professional.
Brand Mantra, Business Pundit, Business2, Emergic, Technology Review Blog.

7. Footnotes.
One Million Footnotes - For random reading.

8. Poetry.
Poetry on Blurty - Read some poems.

9. Quotations.
Quotations on Att.Net. For my ready reference.

10. Blogosphere..
Blogs I liked. Read for the first time or after quite some time.
- Search Gal writes about search engines, writing, and SEO.
- Neelima from Hyderabad. Life and times in Hindi and English.
- Out of Range. Pink Floyd fan.
- Surinder from Delhi. Thoughts, forwards, and cartoons.

11. Research Report.
Weblog tools market. To read.

12. Writing.
100 Most often Misspelled words from yourdictionary.com. To read.

13. Filangy.
To use Filangy.

14. To Do.
To update daily blog reads on the sidebar.