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Friday, February 18, 2005

What's New at Google? India Zeitgeist

Category: Professional

1. What's New at Google?

Google India Zeitgeist - A list of most searched for queries from Google India. Congratulations, Google and wish you good luck.

Google India Zeitgeist for January 2005.
What India was searching for in January 2005.
Tsunami, News, Railways, and Bollywood.

This proves this is such a big marketing opportunity for Indian Railways.

2. A request to Google.

Please launch a Google Toolbar for Firefox.

Firefox has already crossed 25 million downloads and once a new version of Firefox launches and word-of-mouth publicity increases, and more and more people take to Firefox, a target of a 100 million downloads by the year-end is not impossible. So what does Google think of this big opportunity? Google and Firefox will be an unbeatable combination, and how about a feature in the Google Firefox toolbar that allows surfers to search a word and view the results as a new Tab.

- Google Zeitgeist
- Google International Zeitgeist
- Google Toolbar 3 Beta for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and IE 5.5+
- Spread Firefox

Get Firefox!

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