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Monday, February 14, 2005


Category: Personal

- 14th of Feb. is just another day in life.
- I don't have any emotions to associate with it.
- One can't have emotions for only a day!
- I miss you Sen...daily. This has nothing to do with 14th Feb.
- Writing personal posts seems dangerous sometimes. That's what I feel.
- People want to read about Search and they see a personal post, does this put them off?
- Writing personal posts makes me vulnerable.
- Although, I know I have only well-wishers.
- I need to register my own web site, but before that I've got to upgrade my computer at home, and take a fast Internet connection. I've been writing about taking a broadband Internet connection for the last three months.
- I'll do that in the first week of March, after I get this month's salary.
- This blog is getting more professional. I'm happy and excited about it.
- Please don't hesitate to drop in a comment or two, criticism—constructive criticism is always appreciated, and tips on writing, and the usability of this blog.

Thanks very much.

A verse for today.

Kisi raah mai, kisi mod par;
Kahin chal na dena mere humsafar, mere humsafar;
Tera saath hai to hai zindagi,
Tu hi pyaar hai, tu hi dillagi;
Teri baahon mai meri zindagi...

A beautiful love poem, The Look by Sara Teasdale.