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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Congrats, KK

Category: Personal

Post about Blog Friends.

Congrats on getting a dream internship, KK. Great going. Wish you good luck.

Trust IIT guys to be the best. KK finds time for 3 days of work in 10 hours, spends nights taking part in lighting and rangoli competitions, organizes programming competitions in college, writes a blog, maintains a collection of useful links, listens to rock music, parties, and finds the time to get three international internship offers; all this while making a business plan, and studying CS at IIT-Kgp. Hats off to you! Many congratulations, KK. All the best for your internship.

No wonder you've named your blog as KPowerInfinity. K raised to Infinity. Yeah, you're going that way maan. The possibilities for you are infinite, and may you make the best use of them. I can see another Anurag Acharya in the making. Way to go, buddy.

I know I'm a mere mortal with guys like you, Suneet, and Vardan around.

Suneet scored 99.99 percentile and Vardan scored 99.23 percentile in CAT 2004. Here's wishing you guys good luck for your IIM interviews.