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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm Living an Ordinary Life like millions of others


I'm living an ordinary middle-class life like anonymous millions of others who go to work and come back home in pursuit of their daily bread and butter.

What's up? Nothing much.

- There's no reply from the technology consultancy that was going to send part-time work. It is neither a yes nor a no from their side.
- I've an opportunity to get MarCom work. I've to send a five page document on their web site. I've got to do this work over the weekend or earlier. Am I going to do it? Yes, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

That's on sourcing for outsourcing work.
I'm trying for writing/research projects and I hope to get one or more in a month or two.

I don't want to go to work and come back home and be happy with the salary at the end of the month. I want to go beyond that, in two ways.

- Do work for myself. Try to get part-time Writing/Research/SEO work.
- Do work that doesn't pay, but makes me happy.

If you have research/writing work that you'd like to outsource from America, UK, Europe and other locations please let me know. Don't ask for my CV. Send me an assigment; look at my work, read my blog (it's an open diary), and then let's finalize, and start a symbiotic professional association.