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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Technorati, where are my Tags?

Category: Misc

What's up at Technorati? Where are my Tags?

I'd tagged posts as Pune, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Shayari in the last two months. Now I've found that none of the posts appear under those tags. I've already created the above tags, why doesn't Technorati show the posts under those tags? Are those tags deleted? What's up? Anyone from Technorati can update me on the status. I was going to send an email, but I thought tagging this post as will get me a faster answer.


- This post of 9th Feb. has been tagged as Gujarati. Now why isn't it appearing under the Gujarati tag on Technorati? It was appearing earlier. It isn't today. Has the tag been deleted? What's the status? Please let me know.
- This post dt. 22nd Jan. has been tagged as Pune. This too is not appearing under Pune on Technorati? Same is the case with other tags like Punjabi and Shayari.

How come Technorati says there are no posts for these tags, when there already are (the examples given above and many more such posts on my blog).

Technorati, please update me.

Thanks very much.

Update: 16th Feb. 02:30 pm IST. The tags are not showing any posts. FYI.