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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Humor: Fun with Google

Category: Misc. Humour/Humor.

Fun with Google Translate.

This is naughty and funny.

1. Translate Amrita's Mom in nice and sweet from English to Spanish.

2. Copy the Spanish sentence and translate it to English.

3. Read the English translation and the original sentence (1). ;-)

Fun with Google Maps.

George Bush and the UN weapons inspectors may not have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but Google Maps sure did find them, and that too in America. Take a look. ;-)

Thanks for the pointers, SV.

Google Maps finds weapons of mass destruction in Redmond, WA. No prizes for guessing the correct answer. Visit Google Maps and enter weapons of mass destruction Redmond, WA in the search box. Check the first result. Surprising? Not at all. Use your imagination and try other related searches. ;-)

Fun with Google Images.

Check the first image for these search queries on Google Image search.

What is Life? Pyrene ;-) Simple to look at and complicated to understand!

Is Google God?

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