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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Category: Personal

I will be getting a, most probably positive, reply from them by Wednesday night. I haven't sent a quote as yet. I'm waiting for their reply. I've shown trust. I don't care for 'x' or 'y' dollars per hour. Look at my work and then we'll decide. I will stick to $18 per hour. One project to start off and the world is my oyster. I know I have the skills required for a successful entrepreneur and the biggest is I Believe in Myself and I don't care what people thing about my CV, my education, my background, and my skills. I can do it. All big companies started small, and that's what I'd told Mohan once, while we were having tea downstairs, zindagi main sapna to hona chahiye, aur ek din apna bhi aisa ek board (pointing to the board of C...) hoga.

- You don't have an 'x' degree so you cannot do it.
- You don't have a 'y' brand college/company on your CV so you cannot do it.
- You don't have experience so you cannot do it.
- You don't have money so you cannot do it.
- You don't have contacts so you cannot do it.
- You have a stable job, why do you want to experiment?
- Why don't you get married and settle down?
- Stick to a job for 5 years then think of all this.

So much for all these thoughts. At the most, I will fail, but that won't prevent me from trying. And this Wednesday night may well herald the start of big things for me.

I may not have all these things and more, but I have Google with me, and I have the world in my palms.

Knowledge is of two kinds. You know a subject yourself, or you know where to find information about it.
~ Samuel Johnson

I believe in this quote and I follow it.

One should never be afraid of failing, at any age. 28 is not too old to start something, nor is it too young an age to do Technology Research.