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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nothing New—Indiatimes and other TimesGroup web sites suck!

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ET, ToI, and Indiatimes cut those useless JavaScript Ads that block the News Headlines!!
(I'm not giving any links. I don't want to link to any of these web sites except ET).

The TimesGroup web sites please cut your excessive ads.

Someone please tell Indiatimes, ToI (The Times of India), and ET to cut those JavaScript ads that block the entire News Headlines.
The JavaScript function clipWindow1()

I visit ET (frequently), TimesofIndia (sometimes), and Indiatimes (rarely) to read the news not to see a bl**dy flashing JavaScript ad that blocks the news headline links.

Indiatimes Sucks!
ToI on-line became a tabloid a long time ago.
ET was the only site worth reading, and they're converting it to an ad realestate.

Firefox has blocked the pop-up windows.
I had to disable JavaScript in Firefox to be able to read the headlines.

What kind of a *yuck* marketing strategy is that, TimesGroup? You don't allow people to read news and bombard them with a JavaScript ad? I don't want to read news on your only web site that was worth reading, ET. There are hundreds of web sites out there. I'll hit Alt+F4 and go somewhere else. This ad comes and I hit Alt+F4. Why should I disable JavaScript? I don't want your ads? I want your content and if you don't want to show it, I won't visit your web site.

Yahoo! should not buy Indiatimes. Indiatimes has the content but they are more interested in Marketing than showing their content. Guys at Yahoo! check the homepage of Indiatimes. Rediff is a better choice for acquiring a portal for its content rather than Indiatimes and a lot many people who've used Rediff and Indiatimes will agreee with me. If page views is your only criteria then it is another matter.

What do you guys say?

Hit The Slimes of India, Slimes of India (Google Slimes of India and use the I'm feeling Lucky button to go to the slimes Times of India web site) and check the number of hits in any search engine.

Yahoo! should not buy Indiatimes. Yahoo! you will lose a lot of goodwill. I'm sticking my neck out on this. Yahoo! should take an online poll. Which portal is better: Indiatimes or Rediff? Try it.

You won't find any Indian (at least from India) in the Blogosphere who likes the Times (Slimes) of India. Yes, it does sell and that's the irony! Marketing sells everything, or to be correct sex sells everything. If Yahoo! buys Indiatimes and related web sites they will be buying a major Tabloid not a portal.

Hope the content and marketing team at Yahoo read this; the marketing people at TimesGroup read this, and the blogosphere reads this.

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What bugged me that I wrote this post.
I wanted to select the Brand Equity Quiz 2005 link on ET and that ad kept on flashing! :-(