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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox 1.0

Category: Professional

What's New at Yahoo!.

Yahoo! Toolbar (Beta) for Firefox.

Search the web, sign in to check Yahoo email, add RSS feeds to My Yahoo, visit Yahoo shopping, surf the Personals page, sign in to play Games, listen to music; do all this and much more by using the Yahoo toolbar with Firefox browser.

You can also change the toolbar layout and add/edit buttons that you want see on the toolbar.

Note: For a fast and successful installation follow these steps before downloading Yahoo! toolbar for Firefox.

- From the Firefox browser's Menubar select Tools --> Options
- Choose Web Features
- Check (tick mark) the box that says Allow web sites to install software
- Select (click) the Allowed Sites button
- Enter toolbar.yahoo.com as the address of web site
- Select (click) the Allow button
- Select (click) the OK button
- Close the window

Select the 'Download Now' button to Download Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox 1.0 browser. Requires Firefox 1.0
Size: 400 KB.

Hope this helps. Try it out.

Bloggers will find the 'My Yahoo' feature useful.
You visit a blog, like it, and want to add it to My Yahoo. All you've got to do is select the My Yahoo button from the Yahoo! toolbar, and sign in to add the RSS feed.

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