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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A beautiful poem in Gujarati

Category: Misc. Gujarati poetry.

A beautiful poem in Gujarati. I read this on SV's Gujarati blog.

Maun Padhgaya Kare | Silence Echoes by Ahmed Gul

Gujarati | English

Maun padhgaya kare | Silence echoes
Shabd santaya kare | Words hide

Maanvi aeva ma le | Meet such humans
Ke na samjhaya kare | One can't understand

Bhulva jene mathu | Try to forget someone
Aej dekhaya kare | Keep on seeing them

Uttaro chhe lakh | Answers are a lakh
Prashno puchhaya kare | Questions keep on being asked

Aapna ni karvate | By 'our' axe
Lok vehraaya kare | People are cut

Kem khiline paachhu | Why after blossoming
Pushp karmaaya kare | The flower wilts

'Gul' divas to jaay pan | 'Gul' (refers to himself) the days go by but
Raat gabhraaya kare | The nights are feared

It's a beautiful poem. Hope you enjoyed reading the English translation of this Gujarati poem.

I like poetry in any language; i.e. from the ones, which I understand.
English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, a smattering of Punjabi and Bengali, and a few words of Spanish.

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Reading poetry makes me happy. I am a poet at heart.