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Friday, February 04, 2005

Firefox Extensions

Category: Professional

I've added a Firefox extension for Blogging. It enables a right-click (of the mouse button) access to Blogger's BlogThis pop-up window (like Google toolbar offers in IE).
Install Blogger's BlogThis for Firefox browser.

Once you've installed the above extension you will be able to log in to your Blogspot account, with a right click of the mouse button, from any web page. This is useful for instant blogging. An interesting story, a useful link, a unique image, an important message, all these and more can be blogged instantly.

An interesting search query on Google that lead to this blog.
Q: How do I play Raaga.com songs in Firefox?

a) Install Firefox Plugins for media players. Firefox will prompt you to install them, once you click on a link to play a song, and Firefox finds that the plugin isn't installed.

b) Install FoxyTunes 1.1 and access any media player from the Firefox browser.

Hope this helps.

Google search for Firefox Extensions.

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