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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

AP Article: Comparison of Mapping Services

Category: Misc

Article on Mapping services-Yahoo!, MapQuest, Google, and MSN.

The NYTimes has an informative article (free registration required) from The Associated Press that compares Map results from Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, MSN Maps & Directions, and MapQuest; their pros and cons, and when to use which web site to search.

Google Maps is appealing to the eye, easy to use, doesn't show any ads-hence shows bigger pictures of maps, allows the query to be entered in a single box, and is fun to navigate; MSN Maps and Directions is exhaustive and lets you choose the shortest and quickest route, MapQuest is good and sometimes shows an option of avoiding major highways, but Yahoo! Maps is the best of them all as it combines together ease of use, functionality, and results; that's the verdict from the above article.

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