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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Use AdWords to target Google Local searches

Category: Professional

I read an informative article about Google Local Search and AdWords on Traffick.com

Use Google AdWords to target regional and city specific searches on Google Local.

While signing up for Google AdWords, in step one choose Regions and Cities as the location preference.

Use keywords that describe your small business and its location.

For example:
1. For an automotive parts dealer in Detroit.
automotive parts, motorcycle, auto parts, Detroit, MI etc.
2. For a florist in Westport.
florists, Westport, CT, Westport fresh flowers, flowers gifts Westport etc.

The ads will be shown as Sponsored Links, which is the horizontal space in skyblue color above the local search results.

Choosing the right keywords with Google AdWords and targetting those words for local searches is an easy-to-use, fast-to-start, and ready-to-profit venture. Try it out.

Read more about Google Local Search and Google AdWords on Traffick.

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