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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lyrics: Maine Dil Se Kaha from Rog

Category: Misc

Maine Dil Se Kaha is a beautiful ghazal with soulful lyrics written by Neelesh Mishra. This is from the film Rog, which didn't last long at the box-office.

Maine dil se kaha dhoond lana khushi
Nasamajh laaya gam, to gam hi sahi

I asked my heart to search for happiness
The innocent brought sadness, so sadness it is

Samajh -> understand
Nasamajh -> not understand

However, here it means innocence. The heart is so innocent it doesn't understand the difference between happiness and sadness and considers both the same.

Read the lyrics of Maine Dil Se Kaha from Rog. Select the button above the lyrics to listen to the song.

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