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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

One Year of Blogging

Category: Personal

I completed a year of blogging today.

Except for a minor hiccup of losing a job (hehe—that was an aberration and not a rule. A lot of water has since flown down the Ganges, Jhelum, Thames, Potomac, Volga, Rhine, and Danube for me to think about it.) in November last year, the going has been smooth, and although I haven't made any friends whom I've met offline; I can say that I've a readership of almost a 100 odd unique pageviews a day.

Here's to everyone who reads or has read my blog.
Thanks very much for visiting and reading my blog, out of these eight billion searchable web pages in Cyberspace; and for your comments, views, suggestions, support, and feedback.

May I take this opportunity to market myself. It's my blog and a bit of self-promotion on completing a year is allowed.

I'm looking for web authoring work from USA. Please email me at chirayu (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know of writing work that you'd like to outsource to India.

I am good at writing usable, readable, search engine friendly web copy to generate business by getting higher rankings on search engines. Thanks very much for reading.


Take me back, dear wayback machine.
Read my first post dt. 2nd February 2004.

I've learnt a lot about writing usable copy from blogging and surfing the blogosphere. I suppose the links on my blog do come across as concise, useful, and easy to read and understand.

An example. Never use Click here.
Instead of click here, always use the keywords to link or use select this link to.... I always use keywords to link.


I am going to be a better writer (wish me luck, thanks!) and I am progressing day by day. I am learning from others and I am never shy to acknowledge others who are good. I'm never one to keep a compliment to myself. If I feel something is good, I go ahead and pay that person a compliment.

Later this week.
A post on brand extension, core competence, myself, and examples of shops in Pune.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.