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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Interesting searches to reach this blog

Category: Misc

Interesting searches on Yahoo to reach this blog.

1. Romantic shayari on Naaz :-) wow
2. Meaning of Duwa.

If you're looking for these answers, here they are.

1. Romantic shayari on Naaz.
Naaz means pride, elegance, delicate.

I've written this before on my blog.

Husn deta hai Khuda
To nazaakat aa hi jaati hai
Garoor mai ladkhadakar jab rakhte hai kadam
To Kamr balkha hi jaati hai

Let me try and translate the above lines.

When God gives beauty
Elegance comes on its own
In haughtiness when you take those unsure/hesitant steps
Your waist curves on its own

2. Meaning of Duwa.
Duwa means blessing.
Read Dinesh Prabhu's Urdu-English dictionary. A web page worth adding to favourites/ bookmarking for Urdu words and their English meanings.

Hope this helps.