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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Humour/Humor: Web Economy Jargon Generator

Category: Misc. Humour/ Humor.

Take frequently used verbs, adjectives, and nouns from New Economy business jargon and see the magic. What do you get?
The Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

verb | adjective | noun

streamline ubiquitous users
scale cutting-edge systems
explore brick-and-mortar avenues
cultivate pro-active policies
deploy best-of-breed practices

and some more from me...

channelize constructive ideas
encourage real-time feedback
fortify bypassable loopholes
suggest practical paradigm shifts
revitalize dormant supply chains
capture malfunctioning wardrobes ;-)
define google-whacking searches

:-) worth a laugh and more.

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I prefer 'Humour,' but it's about marketing and Humor (American) works better than (British). Check both the Humour and Humor links to see why American English rules in writing for the web. The Humor tag on Technorati has 2400+ links, and the Humour tag has 600 odd links.