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Friday, February 04, 2005

Content on the web page of Y!Q (Beta)

Category: Professional

Thoughts on the content written for Y!Q (Beta) web page.
Y!Q has a lot of content on a single page.
I'd make that into 5 html pages, and put it across separately, instead of making the users read about IE, Firefox, web site, web page, and Yahoo! News all together. Provide only five links on the main page, and let the users choose what they want.

Providing too many options confuses visitors.

"What's a contextual search for? Oh it's not for me, it's for Yahoo! News only."
"I use Firefox, not IE." "They mentioned something about embedding code. It sounds strange."

Why use the word embed, although it is the correct verb, still won't copy this code sound better?
Embed makes people think, "Oh! how do I do it. I've got to 'embed' stuff."
Copy makes it seem so easy. "Oh! it's easy. I've just got to copy code. Simple."

I'd have written it as-

Y!Q (Beta).

Haven't you felt the need to search and find related information while reading a web page? An option was to use a search engine or a search toolbar. Now you can search for and find related information from anywhere with Y!Q Contextual search.

Search and find related information from:

- IE
- Firefox
- Your web page
- Your web site
- Yahoo! News

Open the links as a separate web page and give stepwise guidelines.

The best way to be number 1 is to learn from number 1. Make it simple.