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Friday, February 04, 2005

Time taken for Blog posts to show in search results

Category: Professional

Thoughts on how Google and Yahoo show results from blogs.

A syndicated blog (My Yahoo!) shows on Yahoo search in two and a half days.
It takes about two weeks for the same post to show on Google.

An example:
I wrote a post on the 24th of Jan. about the song, "Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun".
Three days after writing the post, almost 90% of page views on this blog for the above keywords, were from Yahoo search results. This continued for almost two weeks.
Now, after almost two weeks, 65% of the page views are from Google (.com, .in), 25% from Yahoo, and the rest from others.

An analysis: To generate instant visits (a sharp surge for particular keywords in a week) for a hot story on your web site, use a blog—syndicate it, and give a link from a post on your blog to the story on the web site. The blog will show in Yahoo search results (in 2.5/3 days) and links from the blog will lead to your web site.

A blog post shows within half an hour on Technorati.
Write, publish, ping, and you're done.