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Sunday, February 06, 2005

I look my age and this bothers me

Category: Personal

When I was 26, I looked like I was 23 years old.
What with having lost 10 kgs. in Bangalore. I will post pics. taken in Jan. 2003 and the recent pics. of Oct. 2004.

Now, I'm 28 and I look like I'm 28.
This is bothering me.

It's time for me to get married and I'm thinking of meeting prospective brides.
I have fixed a meeting next week, and I may go to Baroda the week after next for another meeting.
(I'm not going to meet...atleast not the one from Baroda, not this month).

Time kya jaa raha hai, yaar.

How did I realise this. Or did I realise this now?

A funny incident at the petrol pump on S.B. Road. Even though I was wearing a jeans and shirt, the attendant called me as Aho Kaka, gaadi pudhe ghya.... Uncle, move your bike...
Boy, do I look like an uncle? Kuch karna padega yaar

I am somewhat fair. All-right, I am comparatively fair. I used to be handsome. The kind of a guy, girls gave a second look to.
How do I know that? Because I was giving them third looks! :-) hehe..

Now, I can't call myself handsome. I am fair and tall, but no longer athletic or handsome. Not unless I start running and lose atleast 5 to 8 kgs.
73 kgs. and 174 cms. is almost the perfect ratio, if not for a paunch! :-(
I want to get rid of that flab at the earliest.

A lot of reasons. The first being laziness, then a sedentary lifestyle, using a bike even for small chores, not going for walks or jogging. Plus, being at home, eating home-cooked food, and then a job that has little or almost no legwork, except for a walk for tea. So all that has contributed to a paunch. And all this without drinking beer! :-)

Now, it was all-right if I'd have been married. But, I need to find a bride and I need to look athletic and handsome once again. It's after all a market, and if I expect the girl to be beautiful, tall, fair, intelligent, and everything else; she'd also expect her would be husband to be tall, athletic, intelligent, handsome, and much more. Isn't it? And I need to improve myself on the two counts that of becoming athletic and handsome.

Bet this has gladdened the hearts of all feminists! :-) hehe


Sometimes I write such crappy posts. What has this post achieved? Nothing. Except showing the world that I've gained some weight in these last six months that I've been at home in Pune, and I'm 28 and I look 28! :-)

I should stick to writing about search engines and Google.