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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Category: Personal

To cut a long story short, I'm still looking for a job. The place where I'd been last week, those guys are offering 60% less than what I was drawing, and that too for a period of three months on a contractual basis.

I guess, they need 'numbers' not a 'resource'.
They want someone who can enter a search query in google, not someone who can explain the PageRank algorithm.

I'm thinking of stopping blogging for a week or two.
There are millions to keep a track of what Google is doing and what Yahoo should do.
I should just be a 'brick in the wall'.

There are times when even an optimist like me thinks in terms of if only, the most pessimistic word in the English language, instead of next time, the most optimistic word in the English language.

Forget it. I'm an optimist, and it pays to be one.
Everyday is a winding road, and I still have the night shift opportunity to explore, and after that, if nothing else, the devil does beckon me to gambling, and I can make money there.

Each tomorrow has something better, and guess what destiny is playing games, and the lights are still red, but when they turn green, which they will very soon, I'm going to race ahead.

No, I shouldn't be using words like destiny. My destiny is in my hands and everything that has happened or is happening is of my doing, so I shouldn't be having any regrets, I don't have any. And, the good thing is, "I'm still free to choose my way."

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