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Friday, December 10, 2004

A lovely shayari, a poem, and thoughts on leadership

Category: Misc Shayari, a poem, and thoughts on good leadership.

Jaam jisne utha liya hai fanaa
Uski kismat mein kamyabi hai
Chal mastana...nazar gulabi hai
~ Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Annihilated, one who has picked up a glass of drink
Success is destined for him (written in his destiny)
Walk unconcerned, the sight is intoxicating

(Here sight can mean eyesight, or the environment, or both and that is the magic of Urdu/Hindi poetry)

It's always difficult translating from Urdu/Hindi to English

fanaa (urdu) - annihilation, but here means something else, I suppose.
jaam - a peg of alcohol
jisne utha liya - who has picked
kismat - destiny
kaamyabi - success
mastana - happy-go-lucky, unconcerned, amorous (?)
nazar - eyesight
gulaabi - means pink, but here it can mean amorous, roving, or intoxicating

It is easy translating from English to Hindi.
For example,
Hope is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.
~ Tagore
Bharosa woh pankhhi hai jo ujaala hone se pehle roshni ki kirano ko mehsoos kar leta hai

I like to read Shayari. I remember Mohsin whenever I read shayaris.
He had a shayari for almost any occasion.
One of his favourites was,
"Yahan kaun hai jinhe tauba ki mil gayi fursat,
Ek zindagi kam hai gunaah karne ke liye"
Who is there who has the time to lament
Even a lifetime is less for committing a crime

Beautiful, especially if you understand Urdu/Hindi.

When I'm happy I'm in a poetic mood, or when I feel like drinking, I'm in a Shayari mood. It's been a long time I had a drink. Almost a month or more.

(Chirayu: *Keeps two tall glasses on the glass table, pours a large one of Smirnoff in both glasses, puts two ice-cubes in each glass, pours Sprite, lifts the glass and says cheers, to all the beautiful girls in town who are single and lonely, from all the handsome guys who are single and available, now it's your turn to say cheers*) :-)


On somedays I am myself
On others I am more than myself
I am the sun that shines
And the moon that weeps for his beloved
And the stars that keep company to dry the moon's tears
And the birds that encircle the morning sky
And the dewdrop that lives an eternity in a moment
And the snail that lives a moment for an eternity

Sometimes the words just come and you write and there's a poem, like the one above, viola!

I don't know whether I can be a good manager or not, but I *know*, I can be a good leader.

My definition of leadership is, "Leadership is action, not position and a good leader always leads from the front by example. I won't ask you to do this, I'll go ahead do it myself and then challenge you to do it." Like, a leader doesn't ask people to climb a mountain, he takes off his oxygen cylinder, climbs the mountain, and reaching the summit half-dead, declares, "I did it without oxygen so what is preventing you from doing so with oxygen."

That's my kind of motivational leadership, and when I get a chance, which I will, I'm going to do management my way. I'm going to be a good leader, and a good leader is one for whom people speak in front and not behind the back. I'm going to be like that.

Writing is never enough. I'll go on. On some days the words flow and the fingers tap on the keyboard, and the rickety-rack and clickety-clack (that's a lovely alliteration) goes on and on, today is one such.

Thanks very much for reading.

Once again,

You guys have a great weekend.