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Monday, December 13, 2004

Movies: Review of Musafir

Category: Misc. Review of Musafir

Watched Musafir last night.


Anil Kapoor................Lucky
Sanjay Dutt.................Billa
Sameera Reddy...........Sam
Mahesh Manjrekar......Luka
Aditya Pancholi...........Tiger
Shakti Kapoor.............Wacko Jacko
Koena Mitra................Lara


Director.....................Sanjay Gupta
Screenplay.................Sameer Malhotra & Venita Coelho
Dialogues...................Milap Zaveri

It's a Sanjay Gupta (Quentin Tarantino inspired) film.

Musafir (Traveller) has lots of violence, glitz, glamour, sex and betrayal; with babes, style, funky music, and 'item' songs.


Sameera Reddy looks flaming HOT. She has very Latin looks. She looks more like Michelle Rodriguez, more Latino than Indian.
Sameera looks sensuous, sultry, tanned, fabulously toned, and sexy. She has a hot body. She's a bronze goddess. As long as she keeps quiet it is all right. Her acting is passable, and her fabulous figure - the right curves at the right places, and energetic dancing - the right moves and the right shakes, makes up for her acting skills, or lack of it. Check her in the pink top and the long brown skirt. Maan, she looks Hot and sexy.

Anil Kapoor is the protagonist of the film. He is dressed in black throughout the film. A black vest, black locket, black shirt, black blazer, black trouser, black boots, black goggles, black jeep, black suitcase, and black bag. He has a tough, rugged look. Anil Kapoor plays the role of an individual looking for love and being on the wrong side of the law, with ease.

Sanjay Dutt's costume is almost like Kevin Costner's (as Thomas Murphy) in 3000 Miles to Graceland. Black blazer, gold chains, a big cross, a goatee, psychedelic pink or shiny black shirts, black boots, diamond studded trousers, cigar smoking, inanities mouthing, Harley Davidson riding, big burly, all consuming, powerful drug lord.

Aditya Pancholi plays a bald police officer on the lookout to make money from drug deals.

Koena Mitra doesn't have to do anything except show her assets, which she does, but that didn't impress me. She's nowhere near Sameera Reddy in sex appeal and oomph.

Mahesh Manjrekar plays the suspecting, sex-obsessed husband of Sam. His language is rough (no one in Goa speaks a thok dalunga kind of Bombay Hindi, too much of a Vaastav hangover). The dialogue written for Luka's character is weak.

Shakti Kapoor plays the role of a middleman in drug dealing.


Part of the story is Hollywood inspired - U Turn, just like Kaante was inspired by Reservoir Dogs.

Anil Kapoor (Lucky) is the protagonist of the film who is planning to do one last drug deal, a final walk on the wrong side of the law, before settling down with girlfriend Lara, played by Koena Mitra - who has two songs and a swimming pool cleavage show to her credit.

Lucky makes a bagful of money in his last drug deal. However, instead of settling down, his life takes a twist, as his girlfriend seduces, drugs, and cheats him; and runs away with the money.

Drug lord Sanjay Dutt (Billa) captures Lucky, who doesn't have the money and doesn't even know where it is. To save his life he has to work for Billa. He is sent to Goa to make a drug deal on Billa's behalf.

In Goa, Lucky meets Sam (Sameera Reddy) whose car breaks down, while on her way back home, after a dance at the club. Lucky gives her a lift in his jeep.
(This is the scene where Sameera appears in a pink top and brown skirt. Don't miss it and the lip-locking smooch between Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy).

Mahesh Manjrekar (Luka) is Sam's sex-obsessed husband. The only two things on his mind are having sex (with Sam) and thinking of getting the insurance money by killing her. He knows Lucky to be a con man and makes him an offer to kill his wife, which Lucky rejects initially, but takes it later on, following some twists where he loses the money received from the drug deal he'd come to make in Goa. He gets romantically involved with Sam and also involved in planning to kill her, and to add another twist, Sam also offers Lucky to kill her husband (Luka) who is a sex starved fiend who had molested her when she was young and then killed her sister (his first wife) so as to marry her.

There follows a twist in the tale after this.

To find whether Lucky kills Sam or Luka, what happens to the money lost in the drug deal, does Lucky get another chance to make money, and when and how does Billa make an entrance, and what happens to the police officer on their trail, go and watch Musafir.

The storyline is weak; the initial part of the 2nd half drags along and is unimaginative.
For example, the scenes of flashback, where Luka narrates his experiences with Sam to Lucky, and frame by frame, the flashback also shows Sam narrating her experiences with Luka to Lucky; and both want each other killed and choose Lucky to do that job for them. I found it slow and boring.
The dialogues are rough, crude, and sometimes out of place. Goanese people are kind-hearted and even if they commit adultery or are lecherous (as shown in Luka's character), they never use Bombay Hindi for heaven's sake!


Musafir is worth watching once.
A repeat viewing of the movie is only if you want to look at Sameera.
Look at, ogle at, drool over would be the right words here.
(This is from a male perspective).

Not recommended for Family viewing or for a Date.
This film will make for a fun night out with friends before a booze party.

Cool Dialogues

Sanjay Dutt as Billa
Tu udhar paanch minute ruk, mai do minute mai aata hoon
You wait for five minutes; I'll be there in two.
(This is cool).

Anil Kapoor as Lucky
Police chahe asli ho ya nakli, saali aati hamesha late hi hai
Whether the police are real or false, they always arrive late.

Shakti Kapoor as Wacko Jacko
While making a tattoo on Sam's back
Is resham se badan par haath aur niyat fisalne mai der nahin lagti
It doesn't take long for the hand or mind to slip looking at this silken body.

Beautiful Lyrics

Zindagi mai kabhi koi aaye na rabba - this song comes in the middle of 2nd half, when Lucky feels that Sam has ditched him, just like his ex-girlfriend Lara did so.

Zindagi main koi kabhi aaye na Rabba,
Aaye jo koi to phir jaaye na Rabba,
Dene ho agar mujhe baad main aasoo,
To pehle koi hasaaye na Rabba

Let no one come in my life, Lord
If someone comes, then let her not go, Lord
If she has to give me tears afterwards
Then let her not make me laugh at the beginning, Lord


Overall: 3 on 5
Sameera Reddy: 4.5 on 5 :-)


Always give a link only when you want the user to click on that link.
For example, I could have given a link to Sameera Reddy in the first paragraph itself; however, no one would have read the review then. So I gave a link at the end of the review. There's always something to learn, even in a Bollywood movie review. Isn't it?