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Monday, December 13, 2004

Desktop Search

Category: Professional

Desktop Search

Yahoo in search of bypassing Google with their desktop search to be launched, most probably in Jan. 2005.

"Yahoo claims that its new product (Desktop Search) has the ability to search through 225 different data types, including many formats that the Google Desktop is unable to search for."

225 data types, omg!, that's huge. Here's wishing Yahoo good luck and success in launching their Desktop Search.

Related Link: A list of common file formats.
I guess, if they have 225 file types, they'd be having all of these, and that's really good news. Way to go, Yahoo! All the best.

An article on Techwhack informs that Microsoft's Desktop Search is to preview tomorrow. Is it?

Yahoo News results for Yahoo's Desktop Search.
(yes, for searching Yahoo related news I tried Yahoo News! :-))

My thoughts: If Yahoo wins the battle for Desktop search with Google, then they have chances of converting loyal Google users to Yahoo.

The reason is simple.

If a search box or a search icon rests on your taskbar, and once you search and are *happy* with that, your first click, even if the browser is open, would be on that desktop icon. And if the desktop search results provide sufficient options to the user, then there are chances that a lot of click-throughs to even advertising sites (paid advertising) would be generated from those desktop search results. (This needs to be tried to gauge its effectiveness). I like doing all these usability tests on my own. :-)

Although I have been (since March 2000), I am, and I will be a *loyal* Google user, but you never know.

An example: I tried a search query, and to my surprise, my blog is nowhere on Google for that (come on Google, I didn't expect this, I guess, Googlebot wouldn't have crawled that post), and it is on nos. 1,2, and 3 on Yahoo. Thanks, Yahoo.

I'm looking forward to trying out Yahoo's Desktop search. They should make it compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP and other operating systems. Google's Desktop Search is not compatible with Windows 98.
I had tried Google's Desktop search at work and I really liked it, especially the ability to easily find email messages, and chat conversations.

I haven't tried Copernic's Desktop Search appliance. I've to download it.