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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ice cream in the winter

Category: Misc

Pune's Sitaphal ice cream

The joy of eating an ice cream is during the winter. Pune's specialty is sitaphal (custard apple) ice cream. Two places I distinctly remember, among others are - Fantasy juice bar opposite the Wadia college hostel gate on the Tata Management Training Centre road. Turn right from the Wadia college post office traffic signal and there are all these photocopy shops and the Fantasy juice bar. Another place is Pasteur on M.G. Road, which is always crowded on Saturdays, and they have many varieties with Sitaphal being one of them, whereas at Fantasy they have Sitaphal as a specialty. Fantasy is downmarket and Pasteur is upmarket.

I like the Gulkand ice cream too of the Mewad ice cream sellers.

M.G. Road is the place to show visitors. Whenever I have guests at home, I take them to M.G. Road. Two places worth visiting in Pune are M.G. Road and F.C. Road. They give an instant feel of the vibrancy of Pune. Guys, gals, bikes, cafes, neon lights, pubs, shops, eateries, bakeries, restaurants and shopping malls.

Somehow, it's a been there done that (btdt) kind of feeling. Don't feel like going out and eating, or going specially for dinner, or having fun eating pizzas. I am tired of pizzas. Smokin Joes is any time better than Pizza Hut, but Pizza Hut being nearer, I end up calling them. I need company (get married), or maybe, I've changed having been out of town for 2 years, and I've had enough of outside food.

Bangalore's Darshini meals

I remember eating the Rs. 10/- (yes Rs. 10/-) meals (lunch) at the Darshini at J.C. Nagar, Bangalore. Bangalore has these eating joints (Darshinis) where one can stand and eat. The food is good and very reasonable. For example, in the Rs.10/- meals (lunch) they used to provide rice, unlimited sambar, one chapati, and sabzi (vegetable). If you're a rice lover, then Bangalore is the right place for you to experiment with rice. There are 'n' number of rice combinations. Lemon rice, sambar rice, rasam rice, tomato rice, plain rice, pulao, biryani, bisibele rice, fried rice, sweet rice (pongal), schezwan rice jeera rice, curry rice, dal rice, curd rice, and some more.