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Friday, December 10, 2004

Writing: Learning from others

Category: Misc

There's always so much to learn from people's writing.

Each individual's writing provides an opportunity to learn and improve oneself.

Hima is a fantastic writer. All her posts are laced with sarcastic humour.
Kpower (KK) comes across as intelligent and informative.
Vardan's style is friendly and innovative.
Teju writes with humour and sarcasm.
Pratima's writing is simple and makes for good reading.
Jahnvi writes straight from the heart, genuine thoughts.
Shilpa's poems are lovely. She has a feel for words.
Avlokana's Vin seems to be busy nowadays. Not many posts from him. His posts on Google are very informative.
Charley has the ability to string words to make a melody, his description of a winter sunrise, in one of the posts on his blog, was beautiful.

On the professional front, John Battelle's blog is worth reading and re-reading for the wealth of search engine related information. Search engine journal is very good. There's always somthing new to learn on google blogoscoped.

(Note: You may find links to their blogs on the right-hand side of this page).

Jim used to use the word 'encourage' in many of his emails. He never used the word difficult.
For example, instead of saying, "This is very diffcult and bound to fail, we shouldn't waste time in trying this" he would say, "I encourage you to explore this opportunity and challenge you to progress along this path and find brightness at the end of the tunnel" or something similar.
I still have his farewell email in my mailbox, it's a piece of motivational writing. Thanks, Jim.